The New Plano Bow-Max Arrow Case Review

The New Plano Bow-Max Arrow Case Review

How the Bow-Max Arrow Max Archery Case Stacks Up

Hey there, fellow archers and hunters! As someone passionate about archery hunting, I value keeping my arrows safe and organized. Today, I want to share my experiences with the Plano Arrow Max Arrow Case – an accessory that helps transport and store my arrows. Join me as I review the features, performance, and overall thoughts in this “The new Plano Bow-Max Arrow Case Review”.

Features and Specifications of the Plano Arrow Max Arrow Case

Plano Arrow Max Case Review
  • Sturdy and Durable Construction: The Plano Arrow Max Arrow Case feels hardy enough and capable of protecting your arrows. I’ve had it stuffed in the back of my SUV with other scouting and range gear and haven’t had any issues. Resists crushing, scratches, and other damage to protect YOUR arrows. Arrows attach to the case at two points to help keep them straight in various conditions and during storage.
    • DURABLE “H” LATCH CLOSURES easily open and close securely. The unique three-hinged case design provides partial opening and closure for quick content access.
  • Integral Slots for Lashing Straps: Make the Bow Max Arrow Bolt Case easy to carry hands-free, attached to a soft or hard bow case, bow pack or backpack.
  • Flexible Arrow Inserts: This feature ensures a snug fit for your arrows, preventing them from jostling during travel. It further accommodates standard carbon or aluminum arrows or a combination of both.
  • Low Profile: Compact size and easy portability. It creates a shell of protection around your hunting arrows.
  • Ample Storage Capacity: Securely holds six arrows up to 32.75 inches long, with added internal storage for small accessories like arrowheads, fletchings, and more.
  • Dimensions: 36.74″L x 7.71″W x 2.14″H. Black. Made in the USA.
  • MSRP: $31.99

Plano Bow-Max Arrow Case Function and Functionality

Bow-Max® Arrow Max Archery Case main compartment

The Plano Bow-Max Arrow Case opens from one main compartment with two latches; then, two compartments fold out at the end.

Open Bow-Max® Arrow Max Archery Case
Bow-Max® Arrow Max Archery Case with multiple arrows

Once fully open, you can see that it will comfortably fit the 6 arrows in virtually any combination as long as they are less than 32.75 inches long. I tried multiple arrows in varying thicknesses in carbon and aluminum, and they all set securely in the rests with room on both sides of the case. It may accommodate the Ultrathin carbon arrows, although I didn’t have any to test.

Take Care When Loading Broadheads

The Plano Bow-Max Arrow Case markets that it accommodates both broadhead and field point tips on the arrows, and it does. I tried multiple broadheads, and they all fit. But, it is worth noting that if you are packing arrows with broadheads, be mindful of how you lay your arrows in the case. I found that the blades of the broadheads sit closely to the fletching, and when centering your arrows, the broadheads are resting on

Broadhead and field tips on arrows

the fletching. If you back the nock flush with the case on each arrow, it gives you more separation from the fletching and broad head blades, but it’s still close. You may have to rotate the arrow so the fletching isn’t in contact with the broadhead blade.

Attaching and Hanging Options

Bow-Max® Arrow Max Archery Case ATTACHING LASHING
Case hanging loop

Pictured above, you can see the vertical lashing slots on the end of both sides of the case. A few inches further in, you can see the horizontal lashing slots. Lashing isn’t included in the case.

With these slots, you can attach your case to a backpack or another case, ATV, canoe, or whatever you are trying to anchor or attach it to. Another thing I noticed that I hadn’t seen in any of the product descriptions was the plastic hanging loop as well. It isn’t the hardiest hanger. but it will hold up under normal use and will likely come in handy, it did for me.

Accessory Storage a Bit Lean

One thing I did notice regarding function and didn’t really love was the product description mentioned storage space for accessories. I had hoped that would be like a small compartment that could be opened or closed, but I believe Plano refers to the open spot on the ends where the lashing is, and under the arrow shaft in the main compartment. For most things I want to store, I don’t want free floating in my case; there is room for some things but nothing that will be secured to that location as you move the case. I have an archery accessories box, also by Plano, and I will stick to that for my accessories.

Performance in the Field

Bow-Max® Arrow Max Archery Case Review

When I started using the Plano Arrow Max Arrow Case, I did appreciate the fact that I could throw extra arrows in the back of my SUV without stressing whether they would get banged around by my other gear. The local outdoor range where I like to shoot my bow also has great rifle, pistol, and specialty lanes. When I am headed to the range, I’ll typically bring metal targets, firearms, archery gear, a table, and other oddball items. The case allows me to pack additionally protected arrows as I drive into the range down the bumpy dirt road.

‘The rubber insert arrow mounts allowed me to organize my arrows neatly, preventing contact during transportation. This was especially important when I carried my broadheads, as I wanted to ensure they remained sharp and undamaged and would not cut fletchings on the other arrows.’. I organized my arrows neatly, preventing any contact between them during transportation. Throughout my use of the case, it proved its ability to keep my arrows protected, organized, and easily accessible.

Plano Bow-Max Arrow Case Conclusion

In conclusion, the Plano Arrow Max Arrow Case is perfect for my sudo obsessive-compulsive personality. It provides me peace of mind knowing I won’t reach for some backup or additional arrows and find them broken. Or Equally as bad, I realize I brought more arrows, but they are not rigged with field tips or broadheads.

Whether you’re a target shooter or a hunter, the Plano Arrow Max Arrow Case is a reliable and efficient tool. It ensures your arrows are always in top shape and ready to hit the mark. Its sturdy construction, low profile case, and ability to attach or hang easily make it a no-brainer purchase when you look at the price.

Plano Bow-Max Arrow Case FAQs

Can the Plano Arrow Max Arrow Case hold arrows with fixed broadheads?

The case can accommodate arrows with fixed or mechanical broadheads, ensuring a secure fit.

How many arrows can the Plano Arrow Max Arrow Case hold?

The case can typically hold 6 arrows, depending on their size and the configuration of the foam insert.


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