G5 Outdoors Vault Broadhead Case Review

G5 Outdoors Vault Broadhead Case Review

Organization and Protection for Your Broadheads

Hey there, fellow hunters! As an avid hunter, I’ve always believed in investing in the right gear to make my hunting adventures more successful. Today’s G5 Outdoors Vault Broadhead Case Review falls more in gear’s maintenance and organizational aspects. If you’ve ever been doing your final preparation for an upcoming hunt or actually been out on the hunt and realized you have damaged gear or forgotten something. You probably appreciate the maintenance and organization aspects of planning your hunt. Join me as I share my experiences and thoughts on this archery-hunting accessory!

Why I Needed a Broadhead Case

G5 Arrow Broadhead vault Review

When you spend the time in the field that most hunters do, having your gear’s readiness or lack of availability is why you don’t harvest your game. That is not a mistake you’ll make twice. One crucial piece of equipment that demands special attention is the broadhead. After all, the arrow tip makes the difference between a clean kill and a wounded animal. The selection of the broadhead is equally as important.

For years, I’d struggled with various ways of carrying my broadheads. Keeping them in their original packaging or loosely throwing them in my hunting bag proved to fail me more than once. Broken blades, damaged fletchings, and the occasional finger cut made me realize I needed a reliable solution. Over the years, I have tried many

that all would likely serve the purpose, but for my hunting bag, I had some specific demands;

  • The Broadhead case should be small and have little room in my bag.
  • It should allow for collapsible and fixed broadheads.
  • I should be able to label the outside of the case.
  • It should protect the broadheads.

The G5 Outdoors Vault Broadhead Case

While browsing the web for hunting and camping gear, one fine day, I stumbled upon the G5 Outdoors Vault Broadhead Case. Its low profile, rugged design, and promise of durability instantly caught my attention. Upon closer inspection, it had the features I was looking for, plus some extras:

G5 Broadhead Vault
  • Tough Hard Case: Shields broadheads from external impacts and weather elements.
  • Foam Insert Technology: The inside of the case features customizable foam inserts. Create individual slots for each broadhead, preventing them from knocking against each other and preserving their sharpness.
  • Secure Closure: The Vault Broadhead Case features a secure latch mechanism that tightly shuts the lid.
  • Water-Resistant Seal: Rain or shine, the water-resistant seal of the case ensured that my broadheads stayed dry and corrosion-free.
  • Capacity: The case came in two sizes: one that could hold up to 12 broadheads and another that held up to 6.

My Experience with the Vault Broadhead Case

Vision Bow Pack

Although I have had the G5 broadhead vault with me on multiple scouting and archery range trips, I haven’t had an instance I can point to saying it has provided any more value than the obvious. I will say that the low profile and small size make it way more convenient than larger products that store broadheads.

It takes little space in my Vision Bow pack or Plano Archery Accessory Box. The customizable foam inserts are another plus. I could alter them to fit various broadhead styles and sizes, from fixed-blade to mechanical. Not only did this keep my broadheads from clashing, but it also prevented any wear and tear on the fletchings on your bow.

G5 Outdoors Vault Broadhead Case Review Conclusion


In conclusion, the G5 Outdoors Vault Broadhead Case is a nice addition to my hunting gear care and organization tools. Its durability, water resistance, and foam inserts provide a safe haven for my broadheads, keeping them sharp, intact, and ready for action. It gives a piece of mind from your broadheads being damaged or damaging other gear. If you like me (a tad OCD sometimes), I have to say the G5 Outdoors Vault Broadhead Case can provide some peace of mind!

Don’t forget the importance of a good broadhead case like the G5 Outdoors Vault next time you’re prepping for a hunting adventure.

It’s a small investment that can greatly preserve your equipment and enhance your hunting experience. Happy hunting!

G5 Outdoors Vault Broadhead Case Review FAQs

Is the G5 Outdoors Vault Broadhead Case heavy?

Not at all! Despite its sturdy build, the Vault Broadhead Case is surprisingly lightweight. It won’t significantly burden your hunting gear, and you’ll appreciate its protective qualities.

Can the case fit all types of broadheads?

Yes, the customizable foam inserts allow the case to accommodate various types and sizes of broadheads, including fixed-blade and mechanical ones.

How durable is the Vault Broadhead Case?

The case’s hard shell exterior is built to withstand rough handling and harsh conditions, ensuring your broadheads stay safe trip after trip.


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