Plano Easy-View Archery Accessory Box Review

Plano Easy-View Archery Accessory Box Review

Archery Accessory Storage Solutions

Hey there, fellow hunters and archers; I know how important it is to keep my gear organized and easily accessible. I want to share my Plano Easy-View Archery Accessory Box Review today. Join me as I take you through the features, performance, thoughts, and observations of Plano’s Archery accessory box. I’ll help you decide if this box is a good value and if it’s right for you.

Unboxing the Plano Easy-View Archery Accessory Box

Easy-View Archery Box review

Everyone always tells me, “If you’re doing a review, you have to do an unboxing”. So here it is, when I unboxed the Easy-View Archery Accessory Box, I found another box. Sorry, I couldn’t resist. The unboxing is what you expect from Plano when you pick up their storage and tackle boxes. They are solid and well-made, and they do think of almost all the details you want in a box.

In the photos, the green of the box looks weathered, but it is actually the box’s color; it has a marbled look. It looks better in person than in the photos.

Easy-View Archery Box Specifications

  • PLANO ARCHERY ACCESSORIES BOX: Customizable organization for organizing accessories.
  • CUSTOMIZABLE LIFT-OUT TRAY: Store archery equipment with a customizable upper tray based on Plano’s redoubtable StowAway tackle organizers. Included dividers create between 8 and 16 compartments.
  • TWO-TIER STORAGE: Foam insert securely holds up to 6 expandable or fixed-blade broadheads underneath the lift-out tray. Additional storage in the lower compartment accommodates tools, wrist guards, and more.
  • TRANSPARENT LID: Check the upper tray’s contents with a quick glance.
  • DURABLE PROLATCH CLOSURES: Opens easily and closes securely. A hinged carry handle helps keep broadheads protected during transport.
  • PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS: Dimensions: 11″L x 7.25″ W x 4″H. Camouflage green.
  • SKU: PMC134851
  • MODEL NUMBER: 134851
  • MSRP: $21.99

Features and Functionality

Plano Easy-View Archery Accessory Storage Box
  • Transparent Design: The Plano Archery Accessory Box has a transparent lid. This design allows me to easily see the contents inside and check items I would frequently reach for.
    • Side Note: Some of you remember from my AR-15 Parts Storage and Organizing your AR magazines blog posts that I like things labeled and organized. I’ve already started labeling my little customizable storage slots that may have items of the same things in different sizes. For example, 100-grain and 125-grain field points will likely have the whole thing labeled before I’m done.
  • Adjustable Compartments: The box interior is customizable thanks to the removable dividers. This means I can configure the compartments to suit my specific gear, ensuring a perfect fit for my arrows, nocks, broadheads, fletchings, and other accessories.
  • Sturdy Construction: The Plano Archery Accessory Box is built to last. Its robust construction protects my gear, protecting it from impacts and environmental elements during transportation.
  • Secure Latch: The box is equipped with a secure latch that keeps it tightly closed, even during rough handling or bumpy rides to the hunting grounds or, in my case, even the dirt road to the range.
  • Compact and Portable: This accessory box is the perfect size for carrying in my backpack or hunting bag. Its compact and portable design ensures that it doesn’t add unnecessary bulk to my gear setup.

Customizable Top Tray Slots, Bottom Larger Storage

Performance in the Field

I reviewed the Plano Bow-Max Arrow Case earlier this week (you can tell I’m gearing up for the Deer and Elk season) and was surprised because I felt like Plano missed a few minor things on the arrow case. I would have liked to see some opening and closing smaller storage areas in that case. In this case, I feel like, as Plano usually does in cases and boxes, they nailed it. This thing really has everything you want.

The Easy-View Archery Accessory Box Size

At 11″L x 7.25″ W x 4″H, the box is a bit smaller than I thought it would be, but it can certainly pack some goods. If Plano made one double the size, I would also buy that one. I would use the smaller one on the go and the bigger one as storage HQ.

How it Stacks Up on the Go

Easily stows in a pack

I immediately noticed its convenience during my scouting and range trips. I do notoriously forget little things I wish I had when I’m out, but grabbing the box on my way out has already saved me a few minor incidents. Particularly when I’m at the range testing something I want to compare, like a field tip or broadhead at 100 grain vs. 125 grain. I don’t always have the extra item handy because the idea comes to me while testing. The box has allowed me to run those comparisons because the items I need are on standby. It has a handle at the top,

which makes it easy to carry, but it also will fit easily in a pack or secured to a bigger case. On range trips, I throw it in the back of my Bow pack, but for hunting trips, I’ll likely see if there is a way to secure it to my arrow pack for transporting all my gear.

Great for Spring Archery Gear Cleaning and Organizing

The adjustable compartments are proving more useful than I had originally thought. I can effectively organize my broadheads, field tips, tools, and spare parts. The dividers keep everything in place, even during rough terrain and transportation. When I need to access gear, the box has two latches, and the tray lifts out, so everything is right there. The lid is solid. I don’t worry about the lid unexpectedly opening and spilling my archery accessories.

Broadhead Storage

As you can see below, a broadhead foam pad in the lower compartment will hold at least 6 broadheads, collapsable or fixed, but I fit 6 more in the back compartment of the box. I also picked up some G5 storage boxes that I think will fit in the bottom as well. There is still much room for accessories like a backup release, tools, and other items.

Broadhead arrow storage

Plano Easy-View Archery Accessory Box Review Conclusion

In conclusion, the Plano Archery Accessory Box has become indispensable to my hunting gear collection. Its transparent design, adjustable compartments, and sturdy construction make it the perfect organizational solution for any archer. Whether you’re a seasoned hunter or a newcomer to the archery world, the Plano Accessory Box is a must-have tool that will keep your gear organized, accessible, and protected season after season.

Plano Easy-View Archery Accessory Box Review

The bottom line is an MSRP of $22; this is a great buy. I have a ton of cases, boxes, and bags, and I like having boxes that look different for different parts or accessories because I open the closet and can tell right away which box is which. The Plano Easy-View Archery Accessory Box is just that.

Plano Easy-View Archery Accessory Box Review FAQs

Can the Plano Archery Accessory Box hold different types of arrows?

Absolutely! The adjustable compartments allow you to fit various types and sizes of arrows, whether you shoot aluminum, carbon, or crossbow bolts.

Is the Plano Accessory Box waterproof?

While the box is not completely waterproof, it provides good water resistance, protecting your gear from light rain and moisture.

Can I use the Plano Archery Accessory Box for other hunting accessories?

Yes, the box is versatile and can be used to store and organize various hunting accessories such as releases, string wax, rangefinders, and more.


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