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Michael Hodgdon - SSP Firearms LLC

Mike Hodgdon

Founder SSP Firearms

Though not my area of expertise, I really enjoy writing about shooting, working on firearms, and related topics. You may run across a grammar issue, misspelling or two, if so, I welcome you pointing it out. Our goal on this website is to provide helpful information on a wide range of shooting topics, and offer quality gear and firearms, so please make suggestions.

Personal Information

Michael was a certified Firearms Safety instructor in California, enjoyed reloading, and he has been an avid shooter, hunter, and outdoorsman for over 35 years. Although since 1997 Michael has been in SEO and Digital Marketing, online advertising he has owned or ran a variety of companis focused on the outdoors. He has been featured in Entrupenuar magazine, New York Times, L.A. Times and a variety of other publications. Founded in 2022, SSP Firearms is his first venture into the firearms industry, he looks forward to combining his carear skillset with his love of firearms and the outdoors.

Favorite Outdoor Activities:

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