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Kevin Kinzer

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Kevin is a GSL Technology Suppressors Dealer and Law Enforcement Sales Consultant from wherever his life takes him. He is an expert in firearms silencers and suppressors. Enlisted in the Army National Guard since 2005, and currently a SFC and Communications Platoon Sergeant/ S6 for an Engineering Unit. Originally from Indiana/Michigan area, and currently lives in Augusta, Georgia.

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More About Kevin and GSL Technology Suppressors

Kevin is sales professional with GSL Technology Suppressors. 

GSL was founded in 1985, they have designed suppressed weapons systems that are used by most Government agency units throughout the world and designed advanced systems to ensure their safety and protect their hearing. They work with local, state and federal Law Enforcement and Government agencies that depend on innovative, durable and proven suppressor designs.

GSL Technology manufactures all of their products in the U.S. in a 25,000 square foot true precision machine facility with state-of-the-art CNC machines. They are one of only a very few manufacturers in the suppressor industry that are certified ISO 9001:2015.

Kevin Kinzer GSL Suppressors

Kevin Kinzer, was born and raised in Northern Indiana, and currently lives in Augusta, GA. He loved the 4-H Shooting Sports for teaching youth lifelong safety habits that you never, ever forget. He is not a “Competitive” shooter, (yet) just a normal guy who enjoys shooting.

He has served in the Army National Guard since 2005 and enjoys the valuable experience this has provided in life! He does his fair share of shooting with the Army and deployed to Balad, Iraq in 2008

He works with GSL Technology Suppressors in Law Enforcement and Dealer Sales, and he loves connecting with those in the firearms community and in law enforcement about GSL Technology’s incredible suppressors offering.

You can follow him, GSL, and find contact information at:

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