Jason Brick

Jason Brick - Journalist, Safest Family on the Block

Jason Brick

Guest Author

Looking for expert advice on how to keep your family safe? Look no further than Jason Brick – the author of “Safest Family on the Block”.


Personal Information

Jason Brick has been a martial artist for 40 years, a journalist for 14, and a father for what feels like several hundred. He has taught self-defense on three continents, coached a high school karate team in Japan, and hosts the award-winning Safest Family on the Block podcast where he interviews world-class experts on every conceivable safety-related topic. He has written or edited over 100 books, and has been featured in venues like Black Belt Magazine, Insider.com, American Express Open Forum, and The Writer. When not practicing fatherhood, journalism, or martial arts he enjoys travel, cooking, and tabletop role-playing games. He lives in Oregon.


Martial Arts 90%
Self Defense 75%
Journalist 80%
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