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David Heaton

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David has been in law enforcement for 20 plus years as patrol deputy, patrol shift sergeant and lieutenant. He was on the special Response Team for 8 years. Mr. Heaton is a certified general and handgun instructor and has published two books, Who is Olivia Green, and it’s sequel, I am Olivia Green which are available on Amazon and can be followed on Twitter at @davidheaton33.

About Mr. Heaton’s Books

Read Davids posts on the website at: David Heaton Archives – Author (sspfirearms.com)

Who Is Olivia Green?

Author: Who is Olivia Green

Lawyer. Spy. Lover. Fighter. This debut thriller follows Olivia Green as she becomes all these and remains a mystery, even to herself. Lawyer: A young associate in a high-powered firm building a fledgling office in Augusta, Georgia. Spy: Recruited in high school to work for a secret organization formed after 9/11, tasked with doing whatever it takes to keep the country safe. Their protégé, Olivia, surpasses expectations on her first assignment and moves on to her next mission, an assassination. Lover: From teachers to gym instructors, no man can resist her charm and fierce intensity. Fighter: Shady men lurking in the shadows get more than they bargained for from this CrossFit enthusiast.

Author: I am Olivia Green

Olivia Green’s life was perfect. Her career was on track. Her relationship with Carlo was going strong. After successfully assassinating a Saudi prince for a secret government agency, Olivia received her next assignment: find out who attempted to import a dirty bomb into the United States. It was all going well until she learned that her adoptive father was dying. Before long, with her secret and unknown past racing to catch up with her, Olivia will find herself in a fight for her life. If she can survive, the truth about Olivia Green will finally be revealed. David Heaton grew up in Olney, Maryland and moved south to attend Georgia Southern University. He graduated in 1998 and began a career in law enforcement with the City of Statesboro Police Department.

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