Winchester SXP Black Shadow 12 Gauge Shotgun


Boasting a sleek black shadow finish, it exudes a sense of rugged sophistication, making it ideal for both hunting excursions and sport shooting activities.

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SXP BLACK SHADOW 12/28 3″ 12 Gauge (048702114076)

The Winchester SXP Black Shadow 12 Gauge Shotgun is a formidable addition to any shooter’s arsenal, combining reliability, durability, and performance. Crafted with precision engineering and robust materials, this shotgun delivers unparalleled power and accuracy in every shot. Boasting a sleek black shadow finish, it exudes a sense of rugged sophistication, making it ideal for both hunting excursions and sport shooting activities.

Winchester SXP Black Shadow 12 Gauge Shotgun Key Features:

  • Gauge: 12
  • Sleek black shadow finish
  • Durable construction for long-lasting performance
  • Reliable action for quick follow-up shots
  • Invector-Plus Choke System for versatile shooting options
  • Comfortable grip and ergonomic design for enhanced handling
  • Smooth pump action for effortless operation
  • Adjustable sights for precise aiming
  • Magazine capacity: varies with shell size
  • Barrel length: varies with model

Winchester SXP Black Shadow 12 Gauge Specifications:

  • MANUFACTURER: Winchester
  • FAMILY: Super X Pump
  • MODEL: SXP Black Shadow
  • TYPE: Shotgun
  • ACTION: Pump Action
  • CALIBER/GAUGE: 12 Gauge
  • FINISH: Blued
  • FINISH TYPE: Blued
  • STOCK: Synthetic Stock
  • STOCK/GRIPS: Black Synthetic
  • BARREL: 28″
  • CAPACITY: 4 + 1
  • Listed Capacity Based On Manufacturer Specifications
  • SIGHTS: Brass Bead
  • SIGHT TYPE: Fixed Sights
  • WEIGHT: 6 lbs. 14 oz.
  • SHIPPING WEIGHT: 9.4 lbs.
  • SAFETY FEATURES: Crossbolt Safety
  • CHAMBER: 3″
  • CHOKE: F, M, IC
  • RECEIVER: Aluminum Alloy
  • ADDL INFO: Invector-Plus Choke System
  • ADDL INFO: Inflex Technology Recoil Pad
  • ADDL INFO: Choke Wrench Included
  • MFG MODEL NO: 512251392
  • UPC: 048702114076

Invector-Plus Choke System:

Enhancing the versatility of the Winchester SXP Black Shadow is the Invector-Plus Choke System. This innovative feature allows shooters to adapt the shotgun to various shooting scenarios by simply changing the choke tube. Whether you’re aiming for precision accuracy or wide-spread coverage, the Invector-Plus Choke System ensures optimal performance and flexibility.

Best Shooter Applications:

  • Hunting:Ideal for various game types including waterfowl, upland birds, and small game.
  • Sport Shooting: Perfect for clay pigeon shooting and other recreational shooting activities.
  • Home Defense: Provides reliable performance and stopping power for home protection.

Winchester SXP Black Shadow 12 Gauge FAQs:

  1. What is the magazine capacity of this shotgun?
    • The magazine capacity varies depending on the size of the shotgun shell being used. Please refer to the specific model for exact details.
  2. Is the choke system interchangeable?
    • Yes, the Invector-Plus Choke System allows for easy interchangeability of choke tubes, providing shooters with versatility for different shooting scenarios.
  3. Is the shotgun suitable for left-handed shooters?
    • Yes, the Winchester SXP Black Shadow features ambidextrous controls, making it suitable for both left and right-handed shooters.
  4. What is the barrel length of this shotgun?
    • The barrel length varies depending on the specific model. Please refer to the product specifications for accurate details.


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