Zigana PX-9 Black

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When it comes to value and quality this handgun definitely makes the list, it’s striker fired pistol with a 15+1 capacity chambered in 9mm.

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Tisas Zigana PX-9 Black

The Zigana PX-9 Black is a versatile and reliable pistol that offers unmatched reliability and precision. This Turkish firearm has gained popularity among American gun buyers due to its affordable price and proven design. Manufactured by Tisas, a well-respected Turkish gun-making company, the PX-9 Black is a close copy of the Springfield XD with a few important differences.

Key Features and Specifications of the Zigana PX-9 Black Pistol

The Zigana PX-9 Black is a highly capable pistol with a range of features that make it an outstanding choice for gun enthusiasts. This Turkish firearm offers exceptional reliability and precision, making it a favorite among American gun buyers. Let’s take a closer look at the key features and specifications that set the Zigana PX-9 Black apart:


The Zigana PX-9 Black is chambered in 9mm and boasts a 4-inch barrel length. It weighs 27 ounces and has a magazine capacity of 15 rounds. This compact and lightweight design ensures comfortable handling and easy maneuverability, making it suitable for various shooting scenarios.


The PX-9 Black is built on a Croatian design, similar to the Springfield XD(M) pistol line, which guarantees an ergonomic grip and optimal control. One of the standout features of this pistol is its ambidextrous frame-mounted safety, ensuring ease of use for both right and left-handed shooters. Additionally, the adjustable rear sight allows for precise aiming and accurate shooting.

The Zigana PX-9 Black also offers front and rear cocking serrations, enabling quick and effortless manipulation of the firearm. Its compatibility with Sig 226-style magazines gives users a broader range of ammunition options. Whether it is for self-defense or target practice, the Zigana PX-9 Black is sure to deliver reliable performance and exceptional accuracy.

Now that we have explored the key features and specifications of the Zigana PX-9 Black, let’s delve into its reliable performance and accuracy in the next section. Stay tuned!

Specifications Features
Caliber: 9mm Ambidextrous frame-mounted safety
Barrel Length: 4 inches Adjustable rear sight
Weight: 27 ounces Front and rear cocking serrations
Capacity: 15 rounds Compatibility with Sig 226-style magazines

Reliable Performance and Accuracy of the Zigana PX-9 Black

The Zigana PX-9 Black is not only known for its unmatched reliability and precision, but it also delivers exceptional performance and accuracy. This 9mm handgun has been thoroughly tested in institutional trials, receiving positive reviews from users. Despite its heavy trigger pull of 7.25 pounds, the PX-9 Black consistently demonstrates reliable performance, reliably feeding, chambering, firing, and ejecting without any issues.

When it comes to accuracy, the Zigana PX-9 Black does not disappoint. Thanks to its well-designed sights, including a tritium insert in the front sight, shooters can quickly acquire targets and achieve accurate shots. Whether in self-defense situations or at the range, the PX-9 Black remains comfortable to fire and exhibits good accuracy, especially at close ranges.

With its reliability and accuracy, the Zigana PX-9 Black is a solid choice for those looking for a trustworthy and precise 9mm handgun. It’s a firearm that you can rely on when it matters most, offering peace of mind to gun owners in various scenarios.

Feature Performance
Trigger Pull Heavy – 7.25 pounds
Reliability Consistently feeds, chambers, fires, and ejects without any issues
Accuracy Good accuracy, especially at close ranges


  • Is the Zigana PX-9 Black a reliable pistol?

    • Yes, the Zigana PX-9 Black is a versatile and reliable pistol that offers unmatched reliability and precision.
  • What are the key features of the Zigana PX-9 Black pistol?

    • The Zigana PX-9 Black features a 4-inch barrel, ambidextrous frame-mounted safety, adjustable rear sight, and compatibility with Sig 226-style magazines.
  • Is the Zigana PX-9 Black suitable for self-defense?

    • Yes, the Zigana PX-9 Black’s ergonomic design and reliable performance make it suitable for self-defense and home protection.
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