Tetra Gun ValuPro III Handgun/Rifle Cleaning Kit – .357/.38 Caliber/9MM


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ValuPro III Handgun Cleaning Kits

ValuPro™ III cleaning kits offer the highest quality and versatility available on the market today, all in an attractive, significantly more compact case packaging!

Now including Tetra® Gun Grease, ValuPro™ III kits contain everything shooters need to maintain, clean and lubricate their firearms. ValuPro™ III cleaning kits are available for most calibers and gauges.


  • Collapsible cleaning rod
  • Rod blued for rust protection
  • Reusable storage case

Kits Contain:

  • Triple Action™ (2 oz.)
  • Tetra® Gun Grease (10g)
  • Bronze brush
  • Cotton patches
  • Patch holder
  • Cleaning rod
  • Silhouette pistol extension


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