TALO Exclusive GLOCK G17 G4 Cut Engraved Scrollwork 9mm

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TALO Exclusive editions are coveted variations of popular firearms meticulously curated by TALO Distributors Inc., renowned for their exceptional attention to detail and exclusive features. These editions often boast unique finishes, engravings, or configurations not available in standard production models, making them highly sought after by collectors and enthusiasts alike.


G17 G4 9MM 17+1 BLK DLC ENG # 3-17RD MAGS | ACCESSORY RAIL 9mm (196852805778)

The exquisite TALO Exclusive GLOCK G17 G4 Cut Engraved Scrollwork 9mm (196852805778), a masterpiece of craftsmanship that seamlessly blends artistry with function. This exclusive edition of the iconic GLOCK G17 Gen 4 boasts intricate scrollwork engraving, elevating its aesthetic appeal while maintaining the unparalleled reliability and performance that GLOCK is renowned for.

GLOCK G17 G4 Cut Engraved Scrollwork Key Features:

  • Exclusive TALO edition with intricate scrollwork engraving for added elegance
  • Chambered in 9mm for versatile performance
  • Polymer frame construction for lightweight durability
  • Glock Safe Action® System for consistent trigger pull and enhanced safety
  • Modular backstrap system for personalized fit and comfort
  • Dual recoil spring assembly for reduced felt recoil and improved control
  • Front and rear slide serrations for easy manipulation
  • Compatible with a wide range of accessories and aftermarket upgrades
  • Comes with standard capacity magazines for ample firepower

GLOCK G17 G4 Cut Engraved Scrollwork Key Specifications:

  • FAMILY: G17 Series
  • MODEL: G17 G4
  • TYPE: Semi-Auto Pistol
  • ACTION: Safe Action
  • FINISH: Black DLC
  • FINISH TYPE: Applied Finish
  • FRAME: Polymer Frame
  • STOCK/GRIPS: Black Polymer
  • BARREL: 4.49″
  • RATE-OF-TWIST: 1-in-9.84″
  • CAPACITY: 17 + 1
  • SIGHTS: Fixed Glock Sights
  • SIGHT TYPE: Fixed Sights
  • WEIGHT: 24 oz.
  • SHIPPING WEIGHT: 3.527 lbs.
  • SAFETY FEATURES: 3 Safeties
  • CASE: Plastic
  • ADDL INFO: Automated Custom
  • ADDL INFO: Cut Engraved Scrollwork
  • MFG MODEL NO: 80577
  • UPC: 196852805778

Best Shooter Applications:

  • Collectors seeking a unique and visually stunning addition to their firearm collection
  • Discerning shooters who value both aesthetics and performance
  • Competitive shooters looking to stand out on the range with a personalized firearm
  • Firearms enthusiasts seeking a reliable and stylish handgun for range use


Q: Is the scrollwork engraving purely aesthetic, or does it affect the firearm’s performance?

A: The scrollwork engraving on the TALO Exclusive GLOCK G17 G4 is purely aesthetic and does not impact the performance or functionality of the firearm in any way. It is meticulously crafted to enhance the visual appeal of the pistol without compromising its reliability or operation.

Q: Can I customize or modify this pistol further?

A: While the TALO Exclusive GLOCK G17 G4 has a unique scrollwork engraving, it remains highly compatible with a wide range of aftermarket accessories and modifications. However, it’s essential to ensure that any modifications are performed by a qualified gunsmith and comply with local laws and regulations.

Q: Is this pistol suitable for everyday carry?

A: While the TALO Exclusive GLOCK G17 G4 offers exceptional reliability and performance, its engraved scrollwork and unique aesthetics may make it better suited for range use or collection display rather than everyday carry. Individual preferences and local regulations should always be considered when selecting a firearm for concealed carry.

Additional information

Weight 3.527 lbs


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