Ruger SFAR 7.62 x 51mm | 308 Win Rifle


Built upon a legacy of excellence, the SFAR rifle offers shooters a powerful and versatile platform that excels in various shooting applications, from hunting to long-range precision shooting.

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SFAR 7.62X51 BLK 16″ 20RD TB 5610 | 5/8X24 TPI | MAGPUL STK 7.62 x 51mm | 308 Win (736676056101)

the Ruger SFAR 7.62 x 51mm | 308 Win (736676056101) Rifle is a robust and reliable firearm designed to meet the demands of discerning shooters. The SFAR series from Ruger embodies a rich history of innovation and performance, stemming from Ruger’s dedication to quality craftsmanship and cutting-edge design.

Ruger SFAR 7.62 x 51mm | 308 Win Rifle Features:

  • Chambered in 7.62 x 51mm | 308 Win for potent stopping power and long-range performance.
  • Cold hammer-forged barrel for enhanced accuracy and durability.
  • Ruger Marksman Adjustable trigger system for a crisp and customizable trigger pull.
  • Ergonomic pistol grip and adjustable stock for comfortable and precise shooting.
  • Picatinny rail for easy mounting of optics and accessories.
  • Threaded barrel with included muzzle brake for reduced recoil and muzzle rise.
  • Detachable box magazine for quick and easy reloading.

Ruger SFAR 7.62 x 51mm | 308 Win Rifle Specifications:

  • FAMILY: SFAR Rifle Series
  • TYPE: Rifle
  • ACTION: Semi-Auto
  • CALIBER/GAUGE: 7.62 x 51mm | 308 Win
  • FINISH: Black Hard Coat Anodized
  • STOCK: Collapsible / Folding Stock
  • BARREL: 16.1″
  • OVERALL LENGTH: 34″ – 37.25″
  • RATE-OF-TWIST: 1-in-10″
  • CAPACITY: 20 + 1
  • MAG DESCRIPTION: 20 rd. Magpul PMAG
  • SIGHTS: No Sights
  • SIGHT TYPE: None
  • THREAD PATTERN: 5/8×24
  • SPECIAL FEATURE: Threaded Barrel
  • WEIGHT: 6.8 lbs.
  • SHIPPING WEIGHT: 9.35 lbs.
  • ADDL INFO: Ruger Elite 452 Trigger
  • ADDL INFO: Ruger 2-Port Boomer Brake
  • ADDL INFO: Mid-Length Gas System
  • MFG MODEL NO: 5610
  • UPC: 736676056101

SFAR Model’s History:

  • The Ruger SFAR series represents Ruger’s foray into the world of precision rifles, combining the company’s expertise in firearm manufacturing with modern advancements in rifle technology.
  • Born from the success of Ruger’s popular American Rifle series, the SFAR builds upon the proven design elements of its predecessors while incorporating features tailored to precision shooting and long-range accuracy.
  • Since its introduction, the SFAR has quickly gained recognition among shooters for its reliability, accuracy, and exceptional value, cementing its place as a top choice in the competitive precision rifle market.

Best Shooter Applications:

  • Long-Range Precision Shooting: The Ruger SFAR 7.62 x 51mm | 308 Win is ideal for shooters seeking exceptional accuracy and performance at extended ranges, making it suitable for precision shooting competitions and long-range hunting.
  • Hunting: With its potent caliber and reliable performance, the SFAR rifle is well-suited for hunting a variety of game, from deer and elk to predators and varmints.
  • Tactical Applications: The SFAR’s rugged construction and long-range capabilities make it a viable option for law enforcement and military personnel in need of a precision rifle for tactical operations.

Ruger SFAR 7.62 x 51mm | 308 Win FAQs:

Q: Can I mount a suppressor on the Ruger SFAR rifle?

A: Yes, the SFAR rifle features a threaded barrel with an included muzzle brake, allowing shooters to easily attach a suppressor for reduced noise and muzzle flash.

Q: What type of optics are compatible with the Ruger SFAR?

A: The SFAR rifle features a Picatinny rail for mounting various types of optics, including scopes, red dot sights, and magnifiers, offering shooters versatility in their choice of optics.

Q: Is the Ruger SFAR rifle compatible with aftermarket accessories?

A: Yes, the SFAR rifle is compatible with a wide range of aftermarket accessories, including stocks, grips, and bipods, allowing shooters to customize their rifle to suit their preferences and shooting style.


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