Rossi RP63 357 Magnum | 38 Special Revolver

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Crafted with precision engineering and attention to detail, this revolver embodies the spirit of classic firearms while offering modern shooters unmatched versatility and accuracy.

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BT2-RP631C RP63 357MAG TUNG 6RD 3″ AS 357 Magnum | 38 Special (725327635451)

The Rossi RP63 357 Magnum | 38 Special Revolver (725327635451), a testament to Rossi’s legacy of craftsmanship and reliability in firearm design. With a rich history dating back decades, the Rossi Model RP63 series has earned a reputation for its exceptional performance, rugged durability, and timeless design.

Rossi RP63 357 Magnum | 38 Special Features:

  • Chambered in 357 Magnum | 38 Special for versatility in ammunition selection and stopping power.
  • Six-round capacity for ample firepower in a compact package.
  • Double-action/single-action operation for versatility in shooting styles.
  • 4-inch barrel for improved accuracy and performance at various ranges.
  • Fixed sights for quick target acquisition and precision shooting.
  • Rubber grip for a comfortable and secure hold during firing.
  • Blued finish for added durability and corrosion resistance.

Rossi RP63 357 Magnum | 38 Special Specifications:

  • FAMILY: Rossi Revolver Series
  • MODEL: RP63
  • TYPE: Revolver
  • ACTION: Double / Single Action
  • CALIBER/GAUGE: 357 Magnum | 38 Special
  • FINISH: Tungsten Cerakote
  • FINISH TYPE: Black
  • FRAME: Steel Frame
  • STOCK/GRIPS: Black Rubber Grips
  • GRIP TYPE: Synthetic
  • BARREL: 3″
  • SIGHTS: Serrated Front Sight
  • SIGHT TYPE: Adjustable Sights
  • WEIGHT: 27.3 oz.
  • SHIPPING WEIGHT: 2.2 lbs.
  • SAFETY FEATURES: Hammer Block Safety
  • ADDL INFO: Black Cerakote Cylinder
  • ADDL INFO: Interchangeable Front Sight
  • MFG MODEL NO: 2-RP631C
  • UPC: 725327635451

History of the Rossi Model RP63:

  • The Rossi Model RP63 series builds upon Rossi’s long-standing tradition of producing quality firearms, dating back to its founding in the early 20th century.
  • With roots in Brazil, Rossi has established itself as a leading manufacturer of revolvers, rifles, and shotguns, known for their reliability and affordability.
  • The Model RP63 series represents Rossi’s commitment to innovation and excellence, offering shooters a dependable revolver that combines classic styling with modern features.

Best Shooter Applications:

  • Concealed Carry: The Rossi RP63 357 Magnum | 38 Special Revolver is an excellent choice for concealed carry, offering compact dimensions and potent firepower for personal protection.
  • Home Defense: With its reliable operation and powerful caliber, this revolver gives homeowners a dependable defense against intruders.
  • Target Shooting: Whether at the range or in informal competitions, the Rossi RP63 offers shooters of all skill levels a fun and enjoyable shooting experience.

Rossi RP63 357 Magnum | 38 Special FAQs:

Q: Can I use 357 Magnum and 38 Special ammunition interchangeably in the Rossi RP63?

A: Yes, the Rossi RP63 is chambered to accept both 357 Magnum and 38 Special ammunition, providing shooters with versatility in their cartridges.

Q: Is the Rossi RP63 revolver easy to maintain?

A: Yes, the Rossi RP63 features a simple design, making it easy to disassemble, clean, and maintain.

Q: What is the effective range of the Rossi RP63 revolver?

A: The effective range of the Rossi RP63 depends on various factors such as ammunition type and shooter proficiency, but it is generally effective at distances up to 25-50 yards.

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