Radical Firearms .300 Blackout AR-15 Rifle


Looking for a high-quality rifle that delivers exceptional accuracy and stopping power? Look no further than the Radical Firearms .300 Blackout Semi-Automatic AR-15 Rifle. With a 16″ HBAR barrel and a 15″ M-LOK handguard, this rifle is versatile and customizable.

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Radical Firearms .300 Blackout Semi-Automatic AR-15 Rifle 16″ Barrel 15″ M-LOK Handguard – FR16-300HBAR-15RPR

The Radical Firearms .300 Blackout AR-15 Rifle is a high-performance firearm designed for shooters who demand quality and reliability. The rifle features a 16″ HBAR barrel chambered in .300 Blackout, which delivers impressive accuracy and stopping power. The gun also comes equipped with a 15″ M-LOK handguard that allows for easy customization and accessorizing, making it a versatile choice for novice and experienced shooters.

The rifle has a mil-spec lower receiver and a single-stage trigger, which provides a smooth and consistent trigger pull. Overall, the Radical Firearms .300 Blackout AR-15 Rifle is a well-crafted firearm with exceptional performance and reliability, making it a top choice for hunters, sports shooters, and tactical professionals.

Firearm Specifications

UPC: 816903022922

  • Barrel Length: 16″
  • Barrel Material: 4140 Chrome-Moly Vanadium Steel
  • Barrel Finish: Melonite
  • Barrel Profile: HBAR Contour
  • Barrel Thread Pitch: 5/8×24
  • Chamber: 300BLK
  • Twist Rate: 1:8
  • Barrel Extension: M4 Feed Ramps
  • Gas System: Pistol Length
  • Gas Block Type: .750 Low Profile Gas Block
  • Muzzle Device: A2 Flash Hider
  • Upper Receiver Material: Forged 7075 T6
  • Upper Receiver Style: M4 MIL-STD
  • Upper Receiver Finish: Type III Anodizing
  • Forward Assist: MIL-STD
  • Dust Cover: MIL-STD
  • Handguard Type: Free Float
  • Handguard Style: M-Lok Thin Rail
  • Handguard Length: 15″
  • Charging Handle: MIL-STD
  • Lower Receiver: Forged 7075 T6
  • Lower Receiver Finish: Type III Anodizing
  • Fire Control Group: MIL-STD
  • Buffer Tube: Carbine MIL-STD
  • Stock Adjustment: 6 Position
  • Stock: B5 BRAVO
  • Magazine: 5.56 30 Round

Radical Firearms .300 Blackout AR-15 Rifle FAQs

  • What is a .300 Blackout cartridge?
    • The .300 Blackout cartridge is a type of rifle cartridge designed to provide improved performance over traditional 5.56mm rounds in certain applications. It offers better terminal ballistics and performs well in shorter barrels.
  • What makes the Radical Firearms .300 Blackout AR-15 rifle unique?
    • Radical Firearms offers a variety of different models of .300 Blackout AR-15 rifles. Still, some features that set them apart include high-quality components, durable construction, and a commitment to precision and accuracy.
  • What kind of barrel does the Radical Firearms .300 Blackout AR-15 rifle have?
    • The barrel on a Radical Firearms .300 Blackout AR-15 rifle is typically made from high-quality materials like 416R stainless steel, and is finished with a durable coating to improve longevity and performance.
  • What accessories can I use with my Radical Firearms .300 Blackout AR-15 rifle?
    • Radical Firearms rifles are typically compatible with a wide range of accessories and attachments, including optics, slings, and other rifle accessories. Be sure to consult your owner’s manual or a qualified gunsmith if you have any questions about which accessories are compatible with your rifle.
  • Can I customize my Radical Firearms .300 Blackout AR-15 rifle?
    • Yes, many Radical Firearms rifles are designed to be customizable, with a variety of different options available for different parts and components. This can allow you to create a rifle that is tailored to your specific needs and preferences.


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