FlipDot Pro Red Dot Reflex Optic – Black

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The VISM FlipDot Pro Red Dot Reflex Optic – Black (VDFLIPPRO) is a high-quality red dot sight designed for shooters seeking advanced aiming solutions. This optic offers a compact design, versatile mounting options, and features that enhance accuracy and target acquisition.

Key Features:

  • Advanced Red Dot Optic: The VDFLIPPRO features a red dot reticle that provides a precise aiming point for rapid target acquisition and accuracy.
  • FlipDot Design: The optic is equipped with a unique FlipDot mechanism that allows the user to quickly deploy the red dot by flipping up the sight cover, providing immediate access to the aiming point.
  • Premium Construction: The FlipDot Pro is constructed with premium materials, ensuring durability and performance under various shooting conditions.
  • Multiple Brightness Settings: The red dot reticle typically offers multiple brightness settings, allowing the shooter to adjust the reticle’s intensity based on ambient lighting conditions.
  • Versatile Mounting Options: The optic is designed to offer versatile mounting options for different firearm platforms, providing compatibility with various handguns, rifles, and other firearms.
  • Enhanced Accuracy: The clear red dot reticle and quick target acquisition provided by the FlipDot Pro contribute to improved accuracy and shot placement.
  • Quick Access Controls: The optic may feature intuitive controls for adjusting brightness settings, allowing the shooter to adapt to changing lighting conditions on the fly.
  • Durable and Weather-Resistant: The VDFLIPPRO is designed to withstand recoil and is often weather-resistant, ensuring reliability in various shooting environments.
  • Battery-Powered: The red dot optic is typically powered by batteries, which are often included with the product.
  • Package Contents:
  • VISM FlipDot Pro Red Dot Reflex Optic – Black (VDFLIPPRO)
  • Mounting hardware and accessories
  • Batteries (as applicable)
  • User manual

The VISM FlipDot Pro Red Dot Reflex Optic – Black (VDFLIPPRO) is a premium solution for shooters seeking a high-quality red dot sight with advanced features.



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VISM FlipDot Pro Red Dot Reflex Optic – Black (VDFLIPPRO)

Flipdot Pro has a folding optical lens system that flips up with push of a lever and automatically turns on when deployed and turns off when the lens is folded down in the locked into position.

The Flipdot Pro includes several mounting onto a wide variety of firearms. The optic includes a Picatinny/weaver type rail mount, Glock® MOS plate, spacers, and a rear sight dovetail mount for most Glock® double stack models. The base of the Flipdot Pro is also RMR® micro dot sights compatible. Flipdot Pro fits onto most slides that have been machined to accept RMR® micro dot sights.

The optic has precise elevation and windage adjustment for zeroing the optic.
Flipdot Pro is powered by a CR2032 type battery (included). The battery compartment is located on the side of the optic vertically. You can change the battery without affecting the optic’s zero. The battery compartment has a + button for increasing the red dot brightness and a – button for decreasing the brightness level of the red dot.

There is 5 brightness levels for the red dot reticle. Includes several types of mounting screws for mounting onto different platforms, tools and a rubber lens cover.
U.S. PAT. D897483

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