Century Arms AP5 9mm Pistol

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Whether you’re a collector, enthusiast, or professional shooter, the Century Arms AP5 offers a timeless blend of craftsmanship and innovation that stands as a testament to the enduring legacy of the MP5.

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AP5-M 9MM BLK 4.5″ 30+1 9mm (787450668584)

Experience the legacy of iconic firearms with the Century Arms AP5 9mm Pistol, meticulously crafted to deliver exceptional performance and reliability. Rooted in the rich history of the MP5 platform, the AP5 pays homage to the legendary design while incorporating modern enhancements for a superior shooting experience.

Century Arms AP5 Features:

  • Chambered in 9mm for versatile and readily available ammunition
  • Based on the iconic MP5 design for proven reliability and performance
  • Closed bolt, delayed roller-lock operating system ensures smooth cycling and reduced recoil
  • Full-length Picatinny rail allows for easy attachment of optics and accessories
  • Ambidextrous safety selector and magazine release for enhanced versatility
  • Matte black finish provides a sleek and durable appearance
  • Comes with two 30-round magazines for ample firepower
  • Threaded barrel with protective cap facilitates compatibility with suppressors

Century Arms AP5 Specifications:

  • MANUFACTURER: Century Arms
  • FAMILY: AP5 Series
  • MODEL: AP5
  • TYPE: Semi-Auto Pistol
  • ACTION: Semi-Auto
  • FINISH: Matte Black
  • FINISH TYPE: Black
  • FRAME: Polymer Frame
  • BARREL: 4.5″
  • RATE-OF-TWIST: 1-in-9.8
  • CAPACITY: 30 + 1
  • SIGHTS: Rear Diopter
  • SIGHT TYPE: Adjustable Sights
  • WEIGHT: 5.5 lbs.
  • SHIPPING WEIGHT: 10.65 lbs.
  • SAFETY FEATURES: 2-Position Thumb Safety
  • ADDL INFO: Roller-delayed Blowback
  • ADDL INFO: Paddle Magazine Release
  • ADDL INFO: Picatinny Optics Mount
  • MFG MODEL NO: HG6036-N
  • UPC: 787450668584

Best Shooter Applications:

  1. Home Defense: The compact size and reliable operation of the Century Arms AP5 make it an ideal choice for home defense, offering quick and precise target engagement in close quarters.
  2. Range Shooting: Whether you’re honing your marksmanship skills or enjoying a day at the range, the AP5’s accuracy and smooth shooting characteristics make it a pleasure to shoot.

History of the AP5 Model:

The Century Arms AP5 pays homage to the iconic Heckler & Koch MP5, one of the most recognizable and revered firearms in the world. Originally introduced in the 1960s, the MP5 quickly gained widespread adoption among military and law enforcement agencies for its reliability, accuracy, and compact size. Over the years, the MP5 has become synonymous with elite special forces units and counter-terrorism operations.

The AP5 faithfully recreates the MP5’s legendary design, incorporating modern manufacturing techniques and materials to deliver a high-quality firearm that honors the legacy of its predecessor.

Century Arms AP5 FAQs:

Q: Is the Century Arms AP5 compatible with MP5 accessories? A: Yes, the AP5 is designed to be compatible with a wide range of MP5 accessories, including stocks, handguards, and optics mounts.

Q: What type of warranty does Century Arms offer for the AP5? A: Century Arms provides a limited lifetime warranty for the AP5, covering defects in materials and workmanship. Please refer to Century Arms’ warranty policy for specific terms and conditions.

Q: Can the AP5 be converted to accept different calibers? A: While the AP5 is chambered in 9mm, aftermarket conversion kits allow for the use of different calibers, such as .40 S&W or .45 ACP. However, consulting with a qualified gunsmith before attempting any caliber conversions is recommended.

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