Century Arms AES 10B2 7.62 x 39mm AK Series Rifle

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Born from the esteemed Century Arms lineup, this rifle combines classic design elements with contemporary features to deliver a robust and dependable firearm that is favored by shooters worldwide for its ruggedness and performance.


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AES10-B2 RPK 7.62X39 BL/WD STAMPED RECEIVER 7.62 x 39mm (787450859401)

The Century Arms AES 10B2 7.62 x 39mm AK Series Rifle (787450859401), a legendary firearm that pays homage to the iconic AK series while offering modern enhancements and reliability. With a rich history steeped in the legacy of the AK platform, the AES 10B2 represents the culmination of decades of innovation and craftsmanship.

Century Arms AES 10B2 Features:

  • Chambered in 7.62 x 39mm for potent stopping power and reliability.
  • RPK-style receiver for increased strength and durability.
  • Cold hammer-forged chrome-lined barrel for enhanced accuracy and corrosion resistance.
  • Fixed wooden stock and foregrip for a classic AK aesthetic and comfortable shooting.
  • Side rail for easy mounting of optics and accessories.
  • Extended 23-inch barrel for improved accuracy and increased muzzle velocity.
  • Accepts standard AK magazines for ease of use and compatibility.

Century Arms AES 10B2 Specifications:

  • MANUFACTURER: Century Arms
  • FAMILY: AK Series
  • MODEL: AES 10B2
  • TYPE: Rifle
  • ACTION: Semi-Auto
  • CALIBER/GAUGE: 7.62 x 39mm
  • FINISH: Matte Black
  • FINISH TYPE: Black
  • STOCK: Wood Stock
  • STOCK/GRIPS: Clubfoot Wood Stock
  • BARREL: 23″
  • RATE-OF-TWIST: 1-in-10
  • CAPACITY: 30 + 1
  • SIGHTS: Open Rifle Sights
  • SIGHT TYPE: Adjustable Sights
  • SPECIAL FEATURE: Threaded Barrel
  • WEIGHT: 15 lbs.
  • SHIPPING WEIGHT: 13.5 lbs.
  • ADDL INFO: Heavy Barrel
  • ADDL INFO: RPK Style Bipod/Carry Handle
  • ADDL INFO: Stamped Receiver
  • MFG MODEL NO: RI4988-N
  • UPC: 787450859401

History of the AES 10B2 Model:

  • The Century Arms AES 10B2 series is a modern interpretation of the classic Romanian RPK (Ruchnoy Pulemyot Kalashnikova) rifle, a variant of the renowned AK series.
  • Originally designed as a squad automatic weapon (SAW), the RPK gained popularity for its enhanced firepower, reliability, and durability in adverse conditions.
  • The AES 10B2 continues the legacy of the RPK lineage, offering shooters a robust and reliable rifle that is well-suited for a variety of applications, from military and law enforcement use and civilian sport shooting.

Best Shooter Applications:

  • Tactical Shooting: The Century Arms AES 10B2 is an excellent choice for tactical shooters seeking a robust and reliable rifle for close to medium-range engagements.
  • Recreational Shooting: Whether at the range or in the field, the AES 10B2 offers shooters a fun and enjoyable shooting experience with its classic AK design and dependable performance.
  • Hunting: With its potent caliber and rugged construction, the AES 10B2 suits medium-sized game hunting at moderate distances.

Century Arms AES 10B2 FAQs:

Q: Can I mount optics on the Century Arms AES 10B2?

A: Yes, the AES 10B2 features a side rail for easy mounting of optics and accessories, allowing shooters to customize their rifle with optics for improved accuracy.

Q: What magazines are compatible with the AES 10B2?

A: The AES 10B2 accepts standard AK magazines, including both metal and polymer variants, offering shooters a wide range of magazine options for use with their rifle.

Q: Is the Century Arms AES 10B2 suitable for left-handed shooters?

A: Yes, the AES 10B2 features ambidextrous controls and a side rail for easy mounting of optics, making it suitable for both right-handed and left-handed shooters.


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