AR-15 15 Round Full Size (FDE) Magazine SENTRY Hexmag

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The AR-15/M4/M16 15-Round Full-Size Magazine by SENTRY Hexmag (HX1530-AR15S2-FDE) is a great solution designed for firearm enthusiasts residing in states with restrictive magazine capacity regulations.

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AR-15/M4/M16 15 Round Full Size Flat Dark Earth Magazine SENTRY Hexmag (HX1530-AR15S2-FDE)

The AR-15/M4/M16 15-Round Full-Size Magazine by SENTRY Hexmag (HX1530-AR15S2-FDE) is a great solution designed for firearm enthusiasts residing in states with restrictive magazine capacity regulations. Boasting a full-size appearance, this magazine adheres to the 15-round limit imposed by certain jurisdictions while maintaining the external dimensions of a standard-capacity magazine. Crafted with precision and reliability in mind, the Hexmag magazine incorporates SENTRY’s innovative design features, ensuring that firearm enthusiasts can enjoy a compliant solution without sacrificing performance.

Featuring a hexagonal pattern on its exterior, the HX1530-AR15S2-FDE. The hexagonal texture adds a unique touch to the magazine and enhances grip and handling, providing users with a tactile advantage during magazine changes. With durable construction and a focus on functionality, this magazine is a legal necessity and a reliable and aesthetically pleasing accessory for enthusiasts who appreciate both form and function in their firearms gear.

In addition to its compliance and design, the SENTRY Hexmag 15 Round Full-Size Magazine offers a straightforward loading and feeding process, ensuring smooth operation and reliable performance on the range. Whether for competitive shooting or recreational use, this magazine represents a thoughtful solution for those navigating the legal landscape of magazine capacity restrictions while seeking a product that maintains the look and feel of a full-size magazine.

The Sentry Magazine Total Solution

Look to Sentry for a full suite of magazine products, including;

The HEXID Followers and Latch Plates from SENTRY Hexmag enhance the functionality and customization of your magazines. The HEXID Followers are designed to replace traditional followers, providing a quick visual identifier of the ammunition type loaded in the magazine. The color-coded followers offer a rapid visual reference for users and facilitate efficient ammo management, making distinguishing between different bullet types or loadouts easier. Complementing this, the Latch Plates contribute to customization by allowing users to personalize their magazines further. With various color options available, the Latch Plates add a touch of individuality to the magazine and serve as a practical means of distinguishing magazines during high-stakes situations. Together, the HEXID Followers and Latch Plates elevate the visual appeal of SENTRY Hexmag products and contribute to a more organized and user-friendly shooting experience.

The SENTRY Tactical Grip Tape is a practical and effective solution for enhancing magazine control and maneuverability. Designed with a focus on durability and functionality. This grip tape provides a non-slip surface that significantly improves the user’s ability to maintain a secure hold on their magazine. Whether applied to magazines, pistol grips, forends, or other key contact points, the textured surface of the grip tape ensures a reliable and comfortable grip. Its easy application and durable construction make it a valuable accessory for shooters seeking an affordable and efficient way to enhance the ergonomics of their shooting experience.

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