2 Point Sling – Pink

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Add a touch of style and functionality to your firearm with our 2 Point Sling in vibrant Pink. Engineered for versatility and comfort, this sling offers reliable support while allowing for quick and easy adjustments on the go. Whether you’re at the range or out in the field, trust our 2 Point Sling to enhance your shooting experience with its durable construction and eye-catching design.

The Two Point Tactical Sling System is here to Handle Whatever the Mission Calls for.

Set this Sling up in a Dedicated Two Point, Single Point or Convertible from One to Two Point Configuration.

Extra Wide Webbing and Elastic Bungee provide Extreme Comfort and Durability

Fully Adjustable Straps for a Perfect Fit

2 Point Sling – Pink Features:

  • Constructed from durable and weather-resistant materials for long-lasting use
  • Adjustable length allows for a customized fit and comfortable carry
  • Two-point attachment design offers stability and control
  • Quick-release buckles enable fast and easy attachment and detachment
  • Wide padded strap reduces fatigue during extended use
  • Vibrant Pink color adds a stylish touch to your firearm setup
  • Suitable for rifles, shotguns, and other firearms with sling attachment points

2 Point Sling – Pink FAQs:

Q: Is this sling compatible with my rifle/shotgun?

A: Our 2 Point Sling is designed to be compatible with most rifles, shotguns, and firearms equipped with sling attachment points.

Q: Can this sling be adjusted for different body sizes?

A: Yes, the sling features adjustable straps to accommodate various body sizes and preferences.

Q: Is the sling padded for comfort?

A: Yes, the sling is equipped with a wide padded strap to reduce fatigue and provide comfort during extended periods of use.

Q: How do I attach and detach the sling from my firearm?

A: The sling is equipped with quick-release buckles, allowing for fast and easy attachment and detachment from your firearm.

Q: Is the Pink color durable and fade-resistant?

A: Yes, the Pink color is crafted with durable materials to resist fading and maintain its vibrant hue over time.


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