EAA Girsan Gold 9MM MC P35 Product Review

EAA Girsan Gold 9MM MC P35 Product Review

In our latest EAA Girsan Gold 9MM MC P35 Product Review, we delve into the intricate design and functional offerings of the Girsan Gold MC P35 High Power™. John Browning’s legendary design is honored with modern enhancements by EAA and Girsan. This handgun has a robust steel frame and slide, a formidable 15+1 round magazine capacity, and an ergonomic ambidextrous safety. The 4.87″ barrel length and intricate gold-colored engraving deliver a badass look and refined performance. Coupled with G10 grips and packaged in a luxury locking case, this firearm is engineered to impress both collectors and shooting enthusiasts.

Overview of the EAA Girsan Gold 9MM MC P35

The EAA Girsan Gold 9MM MC P35 masterfully bridges the gap between historical allure and modern firearm functionality. It is a contemporary salute to John Moses Browning’s legendary High Power™ pistol, embracing classic elegance and today’s demands for reliability and sophistication.

EAA Girsan Gold 9MM MC P35 Pistol laying flat

The EAA Girsan Gold 9MM MC P35 Overview

Chambered in 9mm, the EAA Girsan Gold 9MM MC P35 has a 4.87″ barrel and ambidextrous safety, making it accessible to both left—and right-handed shooters. The look of this pistol speaks for itself; its gold finish and custom engraving make for some quality gun porn. Weighing 1.8 lbs, it boasts a magazine capacity of 15+1 rounds, ensuring a balance of power and control. With an MSRP of $1,075, this model provides excellent value without sacrificing quality.

Historical Context

The EAA Girsan Gold 9MM MC P35’s design pays homage to John Moses Browning’s timeless craftsmanship. His contributions to historical firearms are widely recognized, and this model is a testament to his lasting impact on firearm design. By incorporating elements like water-resistant G10 grips and a windage-adjustable rear sight, the pistol keeps Browning’s spirit alive while catering to contemporary shooters.

Unboxing the Girsan Gold 9MM MC P35

EAA Girsan Gold 9MM MC P35 Lock Box

Unboxing this pistol is by no means your average unboxing. You know the quality and attention to detail from the minute you see the branded lock box and get it open to when you’re holding this 9MM in your head. You can see the attention to detail and craftsmanship and feel the quality.

Once open, the red velvet and the gun’s gold finish make for a hell of a first impression. The box includes the handgun, a bore cleaning brush, one magazine, and a lock. There is cutouts in the red velvety foam padding, I assume to add additional magazines and other accessories.

EAA Girsan Gold 9mm MC P35 in box

Specifications of the Girsan Gold 9MM MC P35

The EAA Girsan Gold 9MM MC P35 is engineered for precision, boasting a caliber of 9mm and a magazine capacity of 15+1 rounds. The firearm is crafted to provide maximum convenience with its semi-automatic single-action, catering to the needs of modern shooters.

Overall Length7.75 inches
Barrel Length4.87 inches
Weight1.8 lbs
Magazine Capacity15+1 rounds

Pistol Design

The design of the Girsan Gold 9MM MC P35 integrates some noteworthy features that enhance its usability and aesthetic appeal. It includes an extended beavertail, a fiber optic front sight, G10 grips for better handling, a straight clean-break trigger, a beveled magwell, and a windage/elevation adjustable rear sight. The pistol could easily be coveted as a collector’s piece or as an everyday carry.

Girsan Gold 9MM MC P35 Pistol Specifications

A standout feature is the ring hammer, which was explicitly designed to prevent hand injuries during operation. These specifications and features collectively ensure a balanced blend of historical design with contemporary functionality, as affirmed in various 9mm MC P35 reviews.

Design and Build Quality

The Girsan Gold 9mm MC P35’s design and build quality set it apart as a modern marvel while honoring the legacy of John Browning’s iconic creation. Some of the key features are listed below.


The choice of materials for the EAA Girsan Gold 9mm MC P35 reflects the brand’s commitment to durable and reliable firearms. The steel construction offers a formidable build quality, making it resilient against the rigors of frequent use. Users appreciate this robust framework, especially considering its affordability compared to competitors like the Springfield SA-35, which is available at a higher price point.

EAA Girsan Gold 9mm MC P35 engraving and grips

Engraving and Aesthetics

One of the EAA Girsan Gold review’s standout features is its aesthetic engraving. The gold-colored floral patterns adorning the slide are an aesthetic upgrade and a nod to traditional royal finishes that exude luxury. This attention to detail also extends to ergonomic features, such as the G10

EAA Girsan Gold engraving close up

grips, which offer a comfortable handling experience. The ambidextrous safety lever caters to right- and left-handed shooters, enhancing the firearm’s usability and safety


Drawing inspiration from the classic Browning Hi-Power, the pistol features a contoured grip that fits naturally, promoting a secure and comfortable hold. The grip texture provides an excellent balance of traction and comfort. The placement of controls, including the safety, slide stop, and magazine release, are intuitive and easily accessible, allowing smooth and efficient operation. The beavertail design helps to reduce felt recoil by providing better control and preventing slide bites. Overall, the EAA Girsan Gold 9MM MC P35’s ergonomic design is very comfortable and has the familiarity of a quality-made pistol. You may consider a base plate pad on the magazine for those with XL hands. For reference, I wear large-size gloves, and the pistol fits perfectly.

EAA Girsan Gold 9MM MC P35 fits comfortably in the hand


Ambi slide stop safety

The EAA Girsan Gold 9MM MC P35 features well-designed controls and intuitive placement for smooth operation. Its ambidextrous safety levers are easily accessible from either side of the frame, making the pistol versatile for left—and right-handed shooters.

The slide stop is strategically positioned for easy thumb access, allowing quick and efficient slide lock and release during reloads. The magazine release button is placed just behind the trigger guard and is comfortable to reach.

The EAA Girsan Gold 9MM MC P35 offers a familiar, user-friendly shooting experience and a solid, well-made feel.

 EAA Girsan Gold 9MM MC P35



The trigger offers a smooth, consistent pull with minimal creep and a clean break. The short and tactile trigger reset allows for faster follow-up shots and improved shooting rhythm. The trigger’s design incorporates a curved shape that fits comfortably against the finger, promoting a natural and steady pull. Additionally, the weight of the trigger pull is well-balanced, providing enough resistance to prevent

accidental discharges, but it does feel heavier than I like. I had planned to weigh the trigger pull and will add the actual weight, but it does run heavy. Overall, the EAA Girsan Gold 9MM MC P35 trigger feels heavy but clean and fluid.


The EAA Girsan Gold 9MM MC P35 comes equipped with G10 grips, which are renowned for their durability and exceptional performance. G10, a high-pressure fiberglass laminate, is known for its strength, moisture resistance, and ability to withstand harsh environmental conditions. These grips provide a rugged and reliable surface that remains stable in various climates, offering a firm hold even when wet. The G10 material is textured to enhance grip security, offering a non-slip surface that is both comfortable and functional. Additionally, the ergonomic design of the G10 grips ensures a natural fit in the hand, promoting consistent hand placement and improved control during shooting.

G10 Grips

The G10 grip’s enhanced grip texture and robust construction contribute to its aesthetic appeal and significantly improve handling.



The double-stack magazine has a standard capacity of 15 rounds, providing ample firepower for self-defense and range shooting. Its design includes witness holes for quick round count verification, allowing you to check the remaining ammunition at a glance. The spring and follower feel solid.

The baseplate is slightly extended, aiding in easy and quick magazine changes. A magazine base plate would be a welcome addition. It would add slightly more surface area to the grip and a buffer for the magazine on quick magazine changes or if dropped. Overall, the EAA Girsan Gold 9MM MC P35 magazine enhances the firearm’s reliability and ease of use, making it a dependable choice for various shooting applications.

Cleaning and Field Stripping Gold 9MM MC P35

Field Stripping

  1. Safety First: Ensure the firearm is unloaded. Remove the magazine and check the chamber to confirm no rounds are present.
  2. Slide Removal:
    • Lock the slide back using the slide stop.
    • Align the slide-stop notch with the slide-stop lever.
    • Push out the slide stop lever from the frame.
    • Release the slide from the locked position and carefully remove it from the frame.
  3. Recoil Spring and Guide Rod:
    • Remove the recoil spring and guide rod assembly from the slide.
    • Be cautious as the spring is under tension.
  4. Barrel Removal:
    • Lift the barrel from the slide.
Field stripped ready for cleaning


  1. Barrel:
  2. Slide:
    • Clean the inside of the slide, paying attention to the rails and breech face.
    • Wipe down with a solvent-soaked cloth and follow up with a dry cloth.
  3. Frame:
    • Clean the frame rails and interior using a cloth and solvent.
    • Ensure all moving parts are free of debris.
  4. Recoil Spring and Guide Rod:
    • Wipe down the recoil spring and guide rod with a solvent-soaked cloth.
    • Ensure they are clean and free of debris.

Field stripping and cleaning the EAA Girsan Gold 9MM MC P35 is straightforward and ensures the pistol remains reliable and accurate. Regular maintenance is key to the longevity and performance of this firearm.

EAA Girsan Gold 9MM MC P35 Product Review Conclusion

 EAA Girsan Gold 9MM MC P35 Conclusion

The EAA Girsan Gold 9MM MC P35 is a testament to the timelessness of John Browning’s original design. It integrates contemporary features such as comfortable ergonomics, G10 grips, ambidextrous safety, and a stunning gold finish with engraving. It is a stunning pistol, and with all the positives, there are some things worth considering. The trigger pull is on the heavy side and will be something many may consider upgrading, and night sights are a viable consideration.

At an MSRP of $1,075, the Girsan Gold MC P35 is not an inexpensive pistol but offers good value to collectors and shooters pursuing a quality eyepiece some good value. The pistol is a well-made handgun that merges historical allure with modern enhancements. It’s worth noting that the pistol is getting harder to find, but as of the publishing of this blog, there are still some deals out there under the MSRP price that make it an even great buy.

Key Takeaways

  • MSRP of $1,075
  • 9mm caliber with 15+1 round magazine capacity.
  • Features like ambidextrous safety and G10 grips enhance usability.
  • Comes with a 4.87″ barrel and an overall length of 7.75 inches.
  • Weighs a manageable 1.8 lbs, balancing weight and control.
  • Gold-colored engraving adds to aesthetic appeal.

EAA Girsan Gold 9MM MC P35 Product Review FAQs

What are the key features of the Girsan Gold 9MM MC P35?

Key features include a 4.87″ barrel, 15+1 round capacity, ambidextrous safety, water-resistant G10 grips, windage-adjustable rear sight, and a ring hammer for enhanced safety. It also includes a luxury carrying case.

What are the specifications of the Girsan Gold 9MM MC P35?

The pistol has an overall length of 7.75 inches, a 4.87-inch barrel, weighs 1.8 lbs, and a 15+1 round capacity. It is a semi-automatic single-action pistol in a lightweight but robust steel frame.

What performance can we expect from the EAA Girsan Gold 9MM MC P35?

The Girsan Gold 9MM MC P35 offers consistent reliability and accuracy. The ring hammer and adjustable sights aid in precise targeting and smooth shooting action.

Is the EAA Girsan Gold 9MM MC P35 suitable for historical firearm collectors?

Yes, the Girsan Gold 9MM MC P35 is ideal for collectors. This is largely because it pays homage to John Browning’s Hi-Power and blends historical design with modern usability and aesthetic appeal.


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