New Wilson Combat Ultralight Ranger 5.56 NATO

New Wilson Combat Ultralight Ranger 5.56 NATO

The Wilson Combat Ultralight Ranger 5.56mm AR-15 offers cutting-edge technology and exceptional performance. Manufactured by Wilson Combat, this rifle combines unrivaled precision with an ultra-lightweight design, setting a high standard.

With its sleek and durable construction, the Ultralight Ranger offers shooters a superior shooting experience. Whether you’re a competitive shooter seeking an advantage or a firearm enthusiast looking for a versatile and high-quality rifle, the Wilson Combat Ultralight Ranger 5.56mm AR-15 delivers in every aspect.

Specifications of the Ultralight Ranger 5.56 NATO AR-15

The Wilson Combat Ultralight Ranger 5.56mm AR-15 is a highly advanced firearm with exceptional performance and versatility. Its lightweight aluminum upper and lower receiver are incredibly light without compromising strength.

With a 16-inch round threaded (1-8 twist) barrel, the Ultralight Ranger boasts excellent accuracy and features a muzzle device for enhanced recoil control. The advanced trigger system ensures a crisp and consistent trigger pull, allowing shooters to maintain pinpoint accuracy with every shot.

Specifications Overview:

  • Lightweight billet upper (flat-top) and lower receiver
  • Wilson Combat Ranger profile match grade barrel
  • Intermediate length gas system with lo-profile gas block
  • 1/2″ x 28 threaded muzzle with thread protector
  • Wilson Combat M-LOK® rail (suitable for gas block coverage) with three Wilson Combat rail covers
  • Wilson Combat/BCM Starburst Gunfighter grip, Black
  • Smoke Composite carbon fiber closed shoulder buttstock, 10.1″ LOP
  • Wilson Combat TTU (Tactical Trigger Unit) M2, 4#
  • Premium bolt carrier assembly
  • Armor-Tuff® finish applied over Mil-Spec Hard Anodized Upper/Lower receivers (Green/Black standard, other colors and Camo optional)
  • Can be built to meet California-compliant specifications


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Key Features of the Wilson Combat Ultralight Ranger 5.56 NATO

The Wilson Combat Ultralight Ranger 5.56 AR-15 has key features that set it apart from other firearms. Designed with precision and versatility in mind, this rifle offers shooters a superior shooting experience in various settings and applications.

Lightweight and Durable Construction

One of the Ultralight Ranger’s standout features is its 5 lbs, 15.7 oz (empty) lightweight design and exceptional durability. The rifle features a lightweight aluminum upper and lower receiver, reducing overall weight without compromising strength. This makes it easy to handle and maneuver, whether engaging targets at the range or navigating tight spaces in a tactical situation.

Free-floating handguard for Enhanced Accuracy

The Ultralight Ranger is equipped with a free-floating handguard, which provides several advantages. It allows for increased accuracy by eliminating any interference between the barrel and the handguard, ensuring a consistent point of impact for every shot. Additionally, the free-floating handguard provides better heat dissipation during prolonged shooting sessions, preventing overheating and maintaining optimal performance.

Collapsible Stock for Adjustable Length of Pull

Another key feature of the Ultralight Ranger is its collapsible stock, offering an adjustable length of pull to accommodate shooters of different sizes and preferences. This allows for optimal comfort and control, enabling shooters to maintain a stable shooting position and achieve better accuracy. Whether you prefer a shorter length of pull for close-quarters engagements or a longer pull for more stability during long-range shots, the collapsible stock provides the flexibility you need.

Ambidextrous Charging Handle for Versatility

The Ultralight Ranger is designed with an ambidextrous charging handle, making it suitable for left- and right-handed shooters. This feature enhances the rifle’s versatility and ensures a smooth and efficient operation for all users. Whether in a high-pressure tactical situation or engaging targets at the range, the ambidextrous charging handle allows for quick and easy manipulation of the bolt, minimizing transition time and maximizing efficiency.

The Wilson Combat Ultralight Ranger’s 5.56mm AR-15’s key features make it a standout choice for shooters seeking a high-performance firearm that combines precision, versatility, and lightweight design. With its durable construction, free-floating handguard, collapsible stock, and ambidextrous charging handle, this rifle delivers exceptional performance in various shooting scenarios.

Model Options Available for the Wilson Combat Ultralight Ranger

The Wilson Combat Ultralight Ranger 5.56mm AR-15 offers shooters a range of model options to suit their needs and preferences. Whether you’re looking for a compact rifle for close-quarters engagements or a longer-barreled option for enhanced accuracy at longer distances, Wilson Combat has you covered.

Here are some of the model options available for the Ultralight Ranger:

1. Barrel Length and Profile:

The Ultralight Ranger has different barrel lengths, allowing shooters to choose the optimal size for their intended use. Options include 14.7-inch, 16-inch, and 18-inch barrels. Each barrel length offers its advantages, whether it’s maneuverability in tight spaces or increased velocity and accuracy for longer shots.

2. Finishes:

Wilson Combat offers a variety of finishes to customize the appearance of the Ultralight Ranger. From standard black finishes to more unique options like burnt bronze and OD green, shooters can choose the finish that reflects their style.

3. Accessories:

A variety of compatible accessories can enhance the Ultralight Ranger. These include optics, sights, foregrips, stocks, handguards, etc. Adding accessories allows shooters to tailor the rifle to their specific shooting style and preferences.

Model OptionBarrel LengthFinishAccessories
Ultralight Ranger Compact14.7 inchesBurnt BronzeFlip-up iron sights, M-LOK handguard
Ultralight Ranger Standard16 inchesBlackRed dot sight, foregrip
Ultralight Ranger Long Range18 inchesOD GreenExtended range scope, bipod

These are just a few examples of the Wilson Combat Ultralight Ranger 5.56mm AR-15 model options. With its versatile design and customizable features, shooters can find the perfect configuration to meet their individual needs.

Applications for the Wilson Combat Ultralight

The Wilson Combat Ultralight Ranger 5.56mm AR-15 is a versatile firearm with applications in various shooting scenarios. Whether you’re a competitive shooter, a tactical professional, or enjoy recreational shooting, the Ultralight Ranger offers exceptional performance and usability.

Tactical and Defensive Use

With its lightweight design and maneuverability, the Ultralight Ranger is an excellent choice for tactical and defensive purposes. Its compact size and ambidextrous charging handle make it easy to handle in high-stress situations. Whether navigating close-quarters environments or engaging targets from a distance, the Ultralight Ranger provides the accuracy and reliability you need to stay ahead.

Competitive Shooting

Competitive shooting requires accuracy and precision. The Ultralight Ranger delivers on both fronts, thanks to its innovative features and top-notch construction. The free-floating handguard and advanced trigger system enhance accuracy, allowing shooters to hit their targets consistently. Whether participating in precision rifle competitions or dynamic shooting events, the Ultralight Ranger gives you the competitive edge you need.

Recreational Shooting

The Ultralight Ranger provides hours of enjoyment for recreational shooting enthusiasts at the range. Its lightweight and ergonomic design makes shooting comfortable, even during extended sessions. Whether plinking targets, honing your marksmanship skills, or simply enjoying the thrill of shooting, the Ultralight Ranger offers a reliable and fun shooting experience.

Overall, the Wilson Combat Ultralight Ranger 5.56mm AR-15 is a firearm that caters to the needs of a diverse range of shooters. Its applications extend from tactical and competitive to recreational shooting, making it a versatile and high-performing choice for any shooting enthusiast.

MSRP for the Wilson Combat Ultralight Ranger 5.56mm

The Wilson Combat Ultralight Ranger 5.56mm AR-15 offers exceptional quality and performance at a competitive price. With its innovative design, advanced features, and customizable options, this rifle is a worthwhile investment for shooters of all skill levels. The manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP) for the Ultralight Ranger starts at $1,999, making it an accessible choice for those seeking a high-quality firearm.

Although the MSRP may vary depending on the selected model options and additional accessories, the Ultralight Ranger delivers excellent value for its price point. Wilson Combat has carefully crafted this rifle to meet the demands of shooters who prioritize accuracy, reliability, and functionality. The MSRP reflects the exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail that goes into manufacturing each Ultralight Ranger.

Shooters who opt for the Wilson Combat Ultralight Ranger 5.56mm AR-15 can expect to receive a rifle that surpasses their expectations. Every aspect of the Ultralight Ranger has been optimized for performance, from the lightweight aluminum construction to the advanced trigger system. With its ability to handle a wide range of ammunition options and its compatibility with various accessories, shooters can customize their rifles to their preferences.

The Ultralight Ranger’s MSRP price point positions it as a top contender in the market, offering shooters an exceptional firearm that delivers on its promises. Whether you’re a competitive shooter, a recreational enthusiast, or a professional needing a reliable self-defense firearm, the Wilson Combat Ultralight Ranger 5.56mm AR-15 is an excellent choice.

Table: Wilson Combat Ultralight Ranger 5.56mm AR-15 MSRP Prices (Selected Model Options)

Model OptionMSRP Price
Standard 16″ barrel, Black finish$1,999
Short-barreled rifle (SBR), FDE finish$2,299
Competition model, Stainless Steel finish$2,499
Long-range precision variant, OD Green finish$2,799

Note: The above MSRP prices are subject to change and may not include any additional accessories or customization options. It’s always recommended to check with authorized Wilson Combat dealers for the most accurate and up-to-date pricing information.

Why Choose Wilson Combat Firearms?

Regarding firearms, Wilson Combat stands out as a premier manufacturer known for its commitment to superior craftsmanship, innovation, and exceptional performance. With over 40 years of experience, Wilson Combat has established itself as a trusted name in the industry, delivering firearms that meet the highest standards of quality and reliability.

One key reason to choose Wilson Combat firearms is their unwavering dedication to precision. Each firearm is meticulously crafted with attention to detail, ensuring every component works seamlessly together for optimal performance. Whether the advanced trigger system provides a crisp and consistent trigger pull or the free-floating handguard enhances accuracy, Wilson Combat firearms are designed to deliver outstanding precision shot after shot.

In addition to their precision, Wilson Combat firearms are renowned for their durability. The company utilizes top-quality materials and innovative manufacturing techniques to create firearms that can withstand the rigors of regular use. From the lightweight aluminum upper and lower receiver to the reliable and ambidextrous charging handle, every aspect of a Wilson Combat firearm is built to last, ensuring that it will be a reliable companion for years.

Lastly, Wilson Combat firearms offer a wide range of customization options. Whether you’re a competitive shooter looking to optimize your setup or a firearm enthusiast who wants to personalize their firearm, Wilson Combat provides an array of model options and compatible accessories. From different barrel lengths and finishes to additional magazines and optics, shooters can tailor their firearms to their specific needs and preferences, creating a truly unique and personalized shooting experience.


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