The Inexpensive Accu-Strike Quiver Review

The Inexpensive Accu-Strike Quiver Review

Apex Gear’s Accu-Strike Quick Release 4-Arrow Quiver

Hey, fellow archery enthusiasts! As an avid hunter and archer, I always seek gear to improve my shooting experience. Because my path to the Accu-strike quiver was entirely circumstantial, I was suspicious of how it would fit my needs. I’m thrilled to share my experiences in this Apex Gear Accu-Strike 4-Arrow Quiver Review. Join me as I take you through this inexpensive quiver’s features, performance, overall thoughts, and value proposition.

Unboxing the APEX GEAR Accu-Strike 4-Arrow Quiver

The unboxing of the Accustrike Quiver was straightforward. The package contained the quiver, mounting hardware, and an instructional manual that made setup a breeze.

How I Chose The Accustrike

Lost Creek Trail Archery Scouting Trip- Mike Hodgdon

The Accustrike was a purchase I made to test fit my Insight Vision Bow Pack arrow pouches for my spring archery hunt. I had been upgrading my old bow, which, because I’m superstitious, I can’t bring myself to trade it up. I added a Black Gold Mountain Light Sight and a QAD Ultrarest HDX and was looking forward to testing the bow pack on an upcoming scouting trip.

On the scouting trip, a 17-mile hike through the Lost Creek Trail, I slipped with my 43 lb. pack and broke the quiver mounted to my bow. Because I had planned to use the Accu-strikes for the bow pack, I ordered a

LimbSaver Quick Release for my bow.

Plan A- Mount the LimbSaver to the Bow

Accus-strike in bow pack side pouch

Upon the arrival of the Accu-strike and Limb Saver Quivers, I tested the Accu-strike, and it fit perfectly in the Bow Packs side pouches. The hood of the quiver sat securely in the pouch, and with the buckles to hold the arrows in place, it was a perfect fit.

I wasn’t as fortunate with the LimbSaver. It presented some problems. Because of how and where the quick release mounts to the sight, and with the sight handle proximity, the LimbSaver would mount but wouldn’t be able to release. I jumped online because I was determined to figure something out to get the LimbsSaver mounted. After far longer than I should have been looking, I discovered options. I really didn’t

want to start making trips to the hardware store and Jerryrig my bow. Below the photo on the left, you see the circular handle of the sight housing. The location where the release part of the Limbsaver quick-release would sit would not clear the handle. I could have installed it and could not release the quiver, but I decided to see if the Accu-strike would work.

Plan B- See if the Accustrike would Mount

Accu-strike- with arrows

When I initially ordered the Accu-Strike, I didn’t realize it was a quick release; that was fine because I hadn’t planned on mounting it. When it arrived, I realized it also was a quick release. For the price, I hadn’t expected much; it is simplistic and doesn’t have a lot of bells and whistles, but it is well made and simplistic in a good way.

After hitting a dead end with the Limbsaver, the idea of mounting the Accu-strike was growing on me. It dawned on me that not only would it mount on the bow, but I could remove it to store my bow in the bow back and move it to the side of the pack for travel. I also liked the video of redundancy. The Vision Bow Pack has a pouch on each side, and with the Accu-strike in both pouches, I would also have a backup quiver if one broke, like on my scouting trip.

The Accustrike release is simple and could actually be done as advertised with one hand. It doesn’t have a lot of moving parts or installation points. It’s literally 2 screws to install.

Installing the Accu-Strike 4-Arrow Quiver

Black Gold Sight mounting holes

Installation of the Accu-strike is a snap. There are holes in the mounting bracket; I line them up with the holes in the back of the Black Gold Mountain Lite Sights rear and screw them in. In the photo to the left, the 2 reward holes past the fallen bolts are where the Accu-strike Quiver mounting bracket goes.

Accu-strike installtion hardware

The bracket lines up with holes, and you use a 1/8 Allan wrench and tighten. Side note: I used the shorter screws the first time, and the shaft of the quiver was hitting the QAD Ultrarest HDX Allan bolts-head and would prevent re-installation. The spacer and longer screws supplied solved that problem. I had plenty of clearance, and in a couple of minutes, it was installed and working like a champ.

Accu-strike- quiver installed.

Features of the APEX GEAR Accu-Strike 4-Arrow Quiver

Accu-strike quiver installed on browning rage 1 bow
  • Lightweight and Compact Design: The Accu-Strike quiver is made from lightweight materials, so it doesn’t add unnecessary weight to my bow. Its compact design allows for easy maneuverability in the field.
  • Quick-Release Bracket System: The quiver features a quick-release bracket system that allows me to attach and detach it from my bow easily. This feature is particularly useful when transitioning from target practice to hunting when I want to remove the quiver during transportation or when stowing in my bow pack.
  • Rubberized Grippers: The quiver has rubberized arrow grippers that securely hold a variety of size arrows in place. I tried some of my old thick aluminum and small carbon arrows, which also hold equally. The grippers prevent unwanted noise or rattling, ensuring a silent and stealthy approach when hunting.
  • Adjustable Mounting: The Accu-Strike quiver can be mounted left or right-handed.
  • Capacity: Four arrows
  • Part Number: TG-AG204BK
  • MSRP: $27.99, But it can be found cheaper.

Performance in the Field

Accu-strike bow quiver with arrows in vision bow pack

I’ve had the quiver out to the range multiple times, and the practicality of using the same quiver for my Bow Pack as for my bow makes things really efficient. The lightweight and compact design is negligible on the pack and the bow. I appreciated how it seamlessly integrates with my bow, adding minimal weight and maintaining a balanced feel.

The quick-release bracket system is really a snap. You slide the release lever and slide the quiver out. This allows for quick release from the bow and quick mounting from the pack to the bow.

With the second Accu-strike on the other side of the pack, I can carry up to 8 arrows and have redundancy if one quiver breaks.

The rubberized arrow grippers held my arrows firmly in place, eliminating any annoying rattling sounds that could potentially startle game animals. The grip was strong yet easy on my arrows, ensuring they were ready for action.

Accu-strike loaded with arrows

The left or right-hand mounting is a plus, and the hood can handle many different styles of broadheads. I tested 6 variations, and they all fit comfortably.

Accu-Strike Quiver Review Conclusion

In conclusion, the APEX GEAR Accu-Strike 4-Arrow Quiver was one of my best accidental decisions. Far too often, I overlook inexpensive and assume cheap. This quiver is inexpensive but is well made and, although simplistic, is far from cheaply made. It’s practical., Its lightweight and compact design, quick-release bracket system, rubberized arrow grippers, adjustable mounting options, and four-arrow capacity make it a reliable and functional quiver for hunting and target shooting. If it fits your needs, don’t assume it isn’t quality from the price. The Accu-Strike is an excellent opportunity to save dough without giving up function.

Accu-Strike Quiver FAQs

Can the Accu-Strike quiver hold broadhead-tipped arrows securely?

The rubberized arrow grippers securely hold both field points and broadhead-tipped arrows. You can trust that your arrows will remain safely nestled in the quiver during your hunts.

Is the Accu-Strike quiver compatible with various bow models?

The quiver is designed to fit most compound bows with its adjustable mounting system. However, checking compatibility with your specific bow model before purchasing is always best.

Can the Accu-Strike quiver withstand harsh weather conditions?

The quiver is made from durable materials that can handle typical weather conditions during archery sessions and hunts. However, like any gear, taking care of it and avoiding exposing it to extreme elements for extended periods is essential.


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