American Classic Government 1911 .45 Review

American Classic Government 1911 .45 Review

Metro Arms American Classic Government Chrome1911 .45 ACP

The American Classic Government 1911 .45 is a timeless design that has been manufactured and improved over the years. This blog will comprehensively review the American Classic Government 1911 .45, covering its features, performance, and overall value. This review will give you a better understanding of what in the American Classic Government 1911 .45

About Metro Arms

Metro Arms is a firearms manufacturer established in the Philippines in 2003. The company specializes in producing high-quality 1911-style handguns known for their reliability, accuracy, and durability. Metro Arms is committed to using only the finest materials and the latest manufacturing techniques to ensure that its firearms meet the highest standards of quality and performance.

American Arms Logo

One of the most popular models produced by Metro Arms is the American Classic 1911, designed to be a reliable and affordable alternative to more expensive 1911 handguns. The American Classic is available in a variety of calibers and configurations. It features several advanced features, such as a beavertail grip safety, an extended thumb safety, and a match-grade barrel.

In addition to their American Classic line of handguns, Metro Arms also produces a variety of other firearms, including rifles, shotguns, and pistols for military and law enforcement use. The company has a strong reputation for producing high-quality firearms at affordable prices and is committed to providing its customers with exceptional customer service and support.

About Tristar Firearms

Tristar Firearms is a firearms manufacturer based in Kansas City, Missouri, USA. The company specializes in producing a wide range of firearms, including shotguns, pistols, and rifles, designed for various hunting and sport shooting to self-defense and law enforcement.

Tristar Firearms prides itself on providing high-quality firearms at an affordable price, focusing on customer satisfaction and support. The company offers a limited lifetime warranty on all of its guns, which covers defects in materials and artistry.

TriStar Arms Logo

Tristar Firearms offers several popular models, including the Cobra pump-action shotgun, the T-120 and C-100 pistols, and the Viper G2 and Raptor ATAC shotguns. The company also provides a variety of accessories and replacement parts for their firearms.

About American Classic Firearms

American Classic Firearms is a brand of firearms owned and produced by Metro Arms Corporation, a manufacturer based in the Philippines. The American Classic Firearms brand is known for producing 1911-style pistols designed for various applications, including self-defense, competition shooting, and concealed carry.

American Classic Firearms logo

American Classic Firearms offers a wide range of 1911 pistols in various configurations, finishes, and calibers, including .45 ACP, 9mm, and .38 Super. The company’s guns are known for their classic styling, high-quality construction, and reliable performance and are often priced competitively compared to other 1911-style pistols on the market.

In addition to its line of 1911 pistols, American Classic Firearms also produces a line of replacement parts and accessories for its pistols, as well as holsters and other shooting accessories.

About the American Classic Government 1911

The Metro Arms American Classic 1911 .45 ACP is a modern version of the iconic M1911 handgun. The M1911 quickly became popular among US military, law enforcement, and civilian enthusiasts.

Metro Arms American Classic 1911 45

The Metro Arms American Classic 1911 was first introduced in 2004 and was designed to be a more affordable alternative to other 1911-style handguns on the market. The firearm is produced by Metro Arms, a manufacturer in the Philippines known for producing quality firearms at affordable prices.

The American Classic 1911 features several advanced features, making it a popular choice among gun enthusiasts. The firearm is also available in various calibers and configurations, allowing gun enthusiasts to choose the version that best suits their needs.

Unboxing the American Classic Government 1911 .45 ACP

The American Classic 1911 comes packaged in a hard case with foam padding. When you open the box, the American Classic makes a hell of a first impression. It’s an excellent-looking gun.

American Classic Government 1911 .45 ACP Review

When unboxing the gun, you’ll find the following components:

  • The American Classic 1911 handgun is the package’s main component.
  • 2 Magazine(s)
  • Owner’s manual and documentation
  • Trigger lock

Once you have unboxed the American Classic 1911, thoroughly inspect the firearm for any damage or defects. You should also familiarize yourself with the firearm’s operation and follow all safety procedures when handling and using the firearm.

American Classic Government 1911 .45 ACP Specifications

  • MANUFACTURER: American Classic
  • FAMILY: 1911 Style Pistol Series
  • MODEL: American Classic Government
  • TYPE: Semi-Auto Pistol
  • ACTION: Single Action
  • FINISH: Chrome
  • FINISH TYPE: Other Finish
  • FRAME: Steel Frame
  • STOCK/GRIPS: Custom Hardwood with Mac Logo
  • GRIP TYPE: Wood
  • BARREL: 5″
  • OVERALL LENGTH: 8.375″
  • CAPACITY: 8 + 1
  • SIGHTS: Fixed
  • SIGHT TYPE: Fixed Sights
  • WEIGHT: 2.47 lbs.
  • SHIPPING WEIGHT: 4.65 lbs.
  • SAFETY FEATURES: Extended Thumb Safety
  • ADDL INFO: Rear Slide Serrations
  • ADDL INFO: Skeletal Combat Hammer
  • ADDL INFO: Tuned Trigger
  • MFG MODEL NO: 85602
  • UPC: 713780856025
  • MSRP: $825

Getting to Know American Classic Government 1911

The Metro Arms American Classic Government Chrome 1911 .45 ACP is a dam good-looking handgun with a shiny chrome finish. Its frame and slide are made from high-quality steel and have a bright chrome plating that gives the firearm a reflective and polished look. The 5-inch match-grade barrel has a stainless steel finish that contrasts nicely with the chrome plating, and the checkered hardwood grip with a diamond pattern provides a comfortable and secure grip.

Tristar American Classic 1911 government 45

The American Classic Government Chrome 1911 has a traditional appearance that pays homage to the original M1911 design, while the chrome plating gives it a modern and eye-catching look that sets it apart from other firearms.

Barrel & Slide

The Metro Arms American Classic Government Chrome 1911 .45 ACP‘s barrel and slide have a stunning chrome finish. The slide, in particular, is a bright and reflective chrome plating that catches the eye. It has a classic 1911-style design with rear serrations that provide a secure grip for slide manipulation. The barrel is a 5-inch match-grade barrel that has a stainless steel finish, which provides a nice contrast to the chrome plating of the slide.

American Classic 1911 Government  45 BARREL

The combination of the chrome-plated slide and the stainless steel barrel with the barrel bushing creates an appealing look that adds to the overall appeal of this firearm.


The Metro Arms American Classic Government Chrome 1911 .45 ACP’s finish adds to its aesthetic appeal. The has a bright chrome plating that provides a polished and reflective finish. The chrome plating not only adds to the gun’s overall appearance but it also provides an extra layer of protection against wear and corrosion.

Tristar American Classis 1911 Government 45

The finish and other high-quality components ensure the firearm looks great and performs at a high level. The American Classic Government Chrome 1911’s finish is a standout feature.


The 1911 .45 ACP’s frame is made from high-quality steel and has a bright chrome plating that provides a polished and reflective finish.

Tristar American Classic 1911 Government Frame

The frame’s design also incorporates a beavertail grip safety, slide stop, extended magazine release button, and a skeletonized hammer, all adding to the gun’s overall functionality and appearance.


American Classic left grip

The grips are hardwood and feature a diamond pattern and checkering, providing a secure and comfortable shooting grip. The grips fit the hand comfortably and provide a firm grip, which is important for accuracy and recoil management.

The hardwood material used in the grips adds to the gun’s classic appearance while being very functional. The diamond pattern and checkering provide a great non-slip surface that will provide control of the firearm, even under challenging shooting conditions. The grips feature a Metro Arms logo.


The magazine of the American Classic has a capacity of 8 rounds. It’s made from high-quality steel and features chrome plating with an attractive and durable finish. The magazine release button is located on the left side of the grip and is easily accessible and extended a bit more than a standard magazine release. It functions great.

American Classic Government 1911 45

The magazine has additional padding on the base, which I always like over a flush metal bottom.


The gun features a beavertail grip safety designed to prevent accidental discharges by requiring the shooter to grip the gun properly to release the safety. The thumb safety is located on the left side of the gun and is easy to operate, allowing the shooter to quickly and easily engage or disengage the safety.

In addition to the beavertail safety, the gun features a slide stop. The slide stop can be engaged when a round is chambered, and the hammer is back. It prevents the gun from being able to fire until the slide stop is disengaged.

The gun also features a firing pin block safety that prevents the firing pin from moving forward unless the trigger is pulled, providing an additional layer of safety.


The Metro Arms American Classic Government Chrome 1911 .45 sights are a fixed low-profile 3-dot pattern that provides a respectable sight picture.

The sights are steel, and the rear sight has a flat profile, while the front sight is a blade dovetailed into the slide. The low-profile design of the sights allows for quick and easy target acquisition, making the gun suitable for various shooting situations.


Metro Arms Classic Arms 1911 45 government MODEL

The trigger of the American Classic 1911 is made from quality steel and has a smooth, consistent pull. It also has a serrated face that is functional for nonslip.

The trigger tends to be an area I scrutinize pretty thoroughly because they impact shooting outcomes. The American Classic’s trigger is one I wouldn’t feel the need to change anything.


When tested in single-action, the trigger came in consistently, just over 4 pounds. It had minimal travel, a fast reset, and a clean break. It feels like a quality trigger.

The trigger also features an adjustable overtravel stop that allows you to fine-tune the trigger’s movement to your specific preferences. Its smooth and consistent pull should factor in the gun’s accuracy. It suits it for various shooting situations, including competition shooting and self-defense.

The trigger is a solid win in my book!

Aftermarket Parts Compatibility

Various aftermarket products can be used to customize the American Classic Government Chrome 1911. Some popular aftermarket products for the American Classic Government Chrome 1911 include:

  1. Grips – there are many different grip options available that can be used to personalize the look and feel of the gun.
  2. Trigger upgrades – aftermarket triggers can improve the gun’s trigger pull and overall performance.
  3. Sights – aftermarket sights can enhance the gun’s accuracy and provide a clearer sight picture. Examples include night sights and fiber optic sights.
  4. Magazines – aftermarket magazines can increase the gun’s capacity or improve feeding reliability.
  5. Recoil springs – aftermarket recoil springs can tailor the gun’s recoil.
  6. Holsters – aftermarket holsters inside and outside the waistband and ankle holsters.

Metro Arms American Classic 1911 .45 ACP Review Wrap

This review didn’t leave me with any doubts; the American Classic Government is a quality 1911 and is a hell of a deal for what they go for online. MSRP is $825, but you don’t have to look hard to find them for less.

Looking at reviews online, I found this similar to others I read.

“I’ve had my Metro Arms American Classic Government Chrome 1911 .45 ACP for over a year now, and I can honestly say it’s one of the best firearms I’ve ever owned. The build quality and accuracy are exceptional, and I’ve never had any reliability issues. For the price point, you’re getting an incredible value with this gun.”

Online Forum Post

Despite its affordable price, the American Classic 1911 is built to the same quality standards as more expensive 1911 handguns. The firearm has earned a strong reputation among gun enthusiasts for its reliability, accuracy, and it’s easy to see why.

Metro Arms American Classic 1911 .45 ACP FAQs

What is the trigger pull weight on the Metro Arms American Classic Government Chrome 1911 .45 ACP?

The trigger pulls weight on the Metro Arms American Classic Government Chrome 1911 .45 ACP is around 4-5 pounds.

Is the Metro Arms American Classic Government Chrome 1911 .45 easy to clean

The Metro Arms American Classic Government Chrome 1911 .45 ACP follows the same basic design principles as any 1911. It features a straightforward takedown procedure and a relatively simple internal mechanism.

Can I use +P ammunition with the American Classic Government 1911 .45?

Yes, the American Classic Government 1911 .45 is generally capable of handling +P ammunition. The 1911 platform is known for its robust construction and ability to handle higher-pressure rounds. However, it is essential to note that extended use of +P ammunition may accelerate wear on the firearm over time. It is advisable to consult the owner’s manual or contact the manufacturer to confirm their specific recommendations regarding the use of +P ammunition with the American Classic Government 1911 .45. Always prioritize safety and follow the manufacturer’s guidelines to ensure reliable and safe firearm operation.


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