Uzkon AS-14 Pump Shotgun Review

Uzkon AS-14 Pump Shotgun Review

Uzkon AS-14 Pump Action Shotgun 19.5″ Barrel

In this Uzkon AS-14 Pump Shotgun review, we’ll examine the features, see how it stacks up against the competition and discuss its pros and cons. Whether you’re considering purchasing a new shotgun or simply learning more about the Uzkon AS-14, this review will provide you with all the information you need. So, let’s dive in and explore the capabilities of this impressive pump shotgun.

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History of the Uzkon AS-14 Pump Shotgun 12 Guage

The Uzkon AS-14 Pump Shotgun is a relatively new addition to the world of firearms, having been introduced by Uzkon Arms Industry in 2014. Uzkon is a Turkish arms manufacturer that has produced shotguns and rifles since 2003. The AS-14 was designed to be a versatile and reliable shotgun for various shooting applications, including hunting, sport shooting, and law enforcement.

Uzkon AS-14 Pump Shotgun Review

Uzkon AS-14 is a pump-action shotgun. The gun features a durable construction with a lightweight aluminum receiver and a steel barrel.


The Uzkon AS-14 Pump Shotgun typically comes in a cardboard box with the Uzkon logo on the outside. Inside the box, you will find the shotgun, a user manual, a choke wrench, three choke tubes (IC, M, F), and a gun lock. Depending on the package you purchased, the shotgun may also include a sling, a cleaning kit, or a case.

Uzkon AS-14 Pump Shotgun box

Overall, unboxing the Uzkon AS-14 Pump Shotgun is straightforward, and the shotgun makes a respectable first impression. As always, following all safety precautions when handling firearms and familiarizing yourself with the user manual before using the shotgun is important.


  • Action: Pump-action
  • Caliber: 12 gauge
  • Capacity: 4+1 rounds (with 2 3/4-inch shells)
  • Barrel length: 18.5 inches
  • Overall length: 38.9 inches (with extended Stock)
  • Weight: 7.5 pounds (empty)
  • Sights: Front and rear fiber optic sights, Picatinny rail for optics
  • Choke: Includes three screw-in choke tubes (IC, M, F)
  • Stock: Synthetic, adjustable for length of pull and cheek weld
  • Receiver: Aluminum alloy
  • Barrel: Chrome-lined, steel
  • Safety: Manual cross-bolt safety
  • MSRP: $249

These specifications may vary slightly depending on the specific model of the Uzkon AS-14 Pump Shotgun, but they should give you a good idea of what to expect from this firearm. Overall, the Uzkon AS-14 is a high-quality shotgun designed to be reliable, versatile, and customizable to fit a wide range of shooting applications.


The Uzkon AS-14 Pump Shotgun features a pump-action mechanism, a type of action where the shooter manually pumps the forend back and forth to cycle the shotgun’s action. When the forend is pulled back, it extracts and ejects the spent shell from the chamber. When the forend is pushed forward, it loads a fresh shell from the magazine tube into the chamber and closes the action, readying the shotgun for the next shot.

Uzkon AS-14 Pump action

The pump-action mechanism of the Uzkon AS-14 feels solid, with a good fit and tight tolerance. It is also relatively easy to operate and maintain, making it a popular choice among hunters, sport shooters, and law enforcement professionals.

Additionally, the pump-action mechanism allows for a high degree of control over the shotgun’s cycling, which can be beneficial for shooters who need to quickly and accurately cycle through multiple shots.

Barrel and front Stock

The Uzkon AS-14 Pump Shotgun features a chrome-lined steel barrel that is 18.5 inches long. The barrel chrome lining makes it durable and resistant to wear and corrosion. The barrel is also threaded to accept screw-in choke tubes, which allows the shooter to adjust the shotgun’s pattern to fit their shooting needs. The AS-14 comes with three choke tubes (IC, M, F) that allow the shooter to adjust the shotgun’s spread for different shooting scenarios.

The front Stock of the Uzkon AS-14 is made from synthetic material, has a solid fit, and provides a good grip. It features an ergonomic grip and is adjustable for the length of pull and cheek weld, allowing the shooter to customize the shotgun’s fit to their specific needs.

Capacity, Gauge

The Uzkon AS-14 Pump Shotgun has a capacity of 4+1 rounds when using 2 3/4-inch shells. This means the shotgun can hold four rounds in the magazine tube and one round in the chamber. The capacity may vary depending on the length and type of shells used.

Uzkon AS-14 Pump Shotgun Review capacity and gauge

The Uzkon AS-14 Pump Shotgun is chambered for 12 gauge, a popular and versatile gauge used for many shooting applications. The 12 gauge shell has a diameter of .729 inches. It is available in various lengths and shot sizes; it allows you to customize the shotgun’s performance to fit your specific needs.


The Uzkon AS-14 Pump Shotgun feels ergonomic and comfortable. Here are some of the key ergonomic features of the shotgun:

  1. Stock: The shotgun features a synthetic stock that is comfortable and easy to grip.
  2. Grip: The shotgun’s grip is comfortable and nonslip.
  3. Weight: At just under 8 pounds loaded, the AS-14 is fairly lightweight, which helps to reduce fatigue and makes it easier to handle and maneuver.
  4. Recoil pad: The shotgun features a recoil pad to help absorb recoil and reduce felt recoil.
  5. Balance: The AS-14 has a balanced weight distribution.


The Uzkon AS-14 Pump Shotgun has a black oxide finish to reduce wear and corrosion. Black oxide is a chemical finish applied to steel and other metals, which helps protect from rust and other forms of corrosion. It also provides a sleek, black finish that gives the shotgun a tactical look.

The black oxide finish on the Uzkon AS-14 Pump Shotgun is designed to withstand heavy use and abuse, making it a reliable choice for a wide range of shooting applications.


The Uzkon AS-14 Pump Shotgun has a lightweight aluminum alloy frame. Aluminum is a popular material for firearm frames because it is lightweight, strong, and resistant to corrosion.

Uzkon AS-14 Pump Shotgun Review frame
You might agree the Pioneer text on the side of the receiver could have been done better

The Uzkon AS-14 Pump Shotgun is easy to disassemble and maintain. This makes it easy to clean and service, which helps to ensure that the shotgun remains in top condition and functions reliably over time.


The Shotgun features a manual cross-bolt safety designed to prevent accidental discharge and enhance the overall safety of the firearm. The safety is located on the rear of the trigger guard and can be easily accessed by the thumb.

To engage the safety on the Uzkon AS-14 Pump Shotgun, you’ll need to push the safety button forward. It will block the trigger and prevent it from firing. To disengage the safety, simply slide the safety button back, allowing the trigger to move freely and enable firing. The red band on the safety button tells you the firearm is off safety.


The Uzkon AS-14 Pump Shotgun comes equipped with fiber optic sights. I liked them and wished more 12 gauges came with this sight configuration. Having LASIK can make some sight configurations not ideal; these were great.

Fiber optic sights use a small tube or rod of fiber optic material designed to gather and amplify ambient light. This allows the shooter to easily acquire their target and maintain a clear sight picture, even in low-light environments. The fiber optic material is typically colored, with red and green being the most common options. These bright colors help the sight stand out against the background, making it easier to focus on the target.

The Uzkon AS-14 Pump Shotgun features fiber optic sights that are both adjustable and durable. The sights can be easily adjusted for windage and elevation, allowing shooters to fine-tune their aim for maximum accuracy.

The rear sight is a green dot, and the front is red; it might be distracting, but it worked for me.

Uzkon AS-14 Pump Shotgun Review Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the Uzkon AS-14 Pump Shotgun is a comfortable and versatile shotgun suited for a wide range of shooting applications. It easily accommodates aftermarket parts like sights, lights, grips, lasers, and other accessories to add additional customization options.

At an MSRP of $249 and the ability to pick it up on sale considerably cheaper. This a respectable option for someone looking for a affordable, quality 12 gauge for home protection or recreational shooting.


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