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19-Piece Portable Gun Cleaning Kit For 8 Calibers

Keeping your firearms clean and well-maintained is crucial to ensure their longevity and performance. However, it can be challenging to clean your guns properly if you don’t have the right tools, and that’s where portable gun cleaning kits come in handy. A portable gun cleaning kit is a compact and convenient solution for gun owners who want to keep their firearms clean and well-maintained on the go. This Portable Gun Cleaning Kit review will take a closer look at this 19-piece kit and evaluate its features, performance, and overall value. Whether you’re a seasoned gun owner or a beginner, read on to see if this kit is the right choice.

About this Portable Gun Cleaning Kit

A portable gun cleaning kit is an essential tool for any firearm owner, and the portable gun cleaning kit we will be reviewing today is a perfect size for gun cleaning at home, at the range, or on the go. This kit comes equipped with bore brushes and cleaning mops for eight different calibers, ensuring that you can effectively clean a wide range of firearms. The kit includes two brass cleaning rods, cleaning patches, a nylon-coated pull-through, and a flex cable with a removable handle. Whether you’re a seasoned shooter or a novice gun owner, this portable cleaning kit provides everything you need to maintain your firearms.

What comes in this kit

portable gun cleaning kit contents

The kit is in a quality zippered case; it comes well organized and with a sheet that labels each tool in this portable 19-piece gun cleaning kit.

The lower panel has brass rods, brushes, cleaning mops, slotted tips in fitted foam padding, and Velcro straps.

The top lid has a zippered pouch that houses gun cleaning patches, a nylon-coated pull-through cable, and a screw-on handle.

The pouch could also comfortably store CLP wipes, bore cleaner, small gun oil, or lubricating vials.

The Bottom Panel Contents

Images are flip flopped

schematic for bottom panel portable gun cleaning kit
contents of bottom panel of portable gun cleaning kit

1. .30 cal. tip slotted11. 9mm-.38 cal. brush
2. .22 cal. tip slotted12. 9mm-.38 cal. cleaning mop
3. .30 cal. cleaning mop13. .40 cal. brush
4. .30 cal. brush14. .40 cal. cleaning mop
5. .27 cal. cleaning mop15. .45 cal. brush
6. .27 cal. brush16. .45 cal. cleaning mop
7. .22 cal. cleaning mop17. Cleaning patches
8. .22 cal. brush18. 1 Handle
9. 1 Brass rod19. 1 Nylon coated flex cable
10. 1 Brass rodn/a

Top Panel Contents

As I go through the kit, everything feels like it’s quality made so that I will run it through a few guns for the final test.

The Rubber Meets the Road

Knowing the kit was great for the range bag, Time to run it through a test. I brought multiple 9’s and a .45 to the range, so I opted to experiment.

range day with the 9mms

How this Gun Cleaning Kit Performs

Well, it wasn’t a test of time, but I cleaned 4 9mm’s, a 40, and a 45 with this kit, and it showed up. The product doesn’t feel cheap, and the components feel quality. Nothing broke, and I could throw it in my range bag with the confidence it would work.

Portable Gun Cleaning Kit FAQs

Why is a portable gun cleaning kit important?

Regular cleaning and maintenance are critical to the performance and longevity of firearms. A portable gun cleaning kit allows gun owners to perform these tasks wherever they go, whether at the range, in the field, or at home. It is an essential tool for keeping firearms in top condition and preventing malfunctions and damage.

How often should I use my portable gun cleaning kit?

It is recommended to clean your firearms after every use or every few months if they have not been used. Using a portable gun cleaning kit makes this process more convenient and accessible, and it allows gun owners to perform regular maintenance and prevent the buildup of debris and grime.

What is a portable gun cleaning kit?

A portable gun cleaning kit is a compact and portable set of tools and supplies designed to clean and maintain firearms. It typically includes items such as cleaning rods, brushes, jags, patches, solvents, lubricants, and a carrying case.


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