Springfield Hellcat 9MM Review


Springfield Hellcat 9MM 3″ Black, HC9319B

In this Springfield Hellcat 9MM review, we’ll share our opinion and discover the features and specifications of a compact, popular handgun designed for concealed carry.

History of the Hellcat

The Springfield Hellcat 9mm is a relatively new pistol introduced in 2019. However, it quickly gained popularity for its compact size, high capacity, and reliable performance.

Springfield Armory Logo

Springfield Armory, a well-known firearms manufacturer based in Geneseo, Illinois, developed the Hellcat to compete in the crowded market for compact, high-capacity handguns. The Hellcat features a 3-inch barrel, an overall length of 6 inches, and a capacity of 11+1 rounds of 9mm ammunition.

The Hellcat also has a patented magazine design that allows for an optional 13+1 round capacity.

Overall, the Springfield Hellcat has been well-received, earning high praise for its size, capacity, and reliability. Its popularity has made it a popular choice for concealed carry and personal defense.

Unboxing the Hellcat 9MM

The Hellcat 9mm comes in a sturdy cardboard box with the Springfield Armory logo. Inside the box, you can expect to find the following items:

  1. Target Certifying test firing of Hellcat
  2. Springfield Hellcat 9mm handgun
  3. Springfield Armory Soft Case
  4. Two magazines (extra standard magazine base plate)
  5. A cable lock for securing the handgun
  6. User manual and other paperwork
  7. Magazine loader

It’s important to note that the specific contents of the box may vary depending on the package or deal purchased, so be sure to check with the retailer or manufacturer for details.

About Micro Compact Carry Guns

The history of micro-compact carrying concealed handguns dates back to the early 20th century, with the introduction of the first small, concealable firearms. These early handguns were typically designed for personal protection and self-defense and were often marketed towards women, who wanted a gun that was easy to carry and conceal.

Colt Pocket .25Auto Hummerless

One of the earliest examples of a micro compact carry concealed handgun was the Colt Vest Pocket Pistol, introduced in 1908. The Vest Pocket Pistol was a small, single-action handgun designed to be carried in a pocket or purse and was popular with both men and women.

In the following decades, other manufacturers introduced their versions of micro-compact carry concealed handguns, such as the Smith & Wesson Model 36 and the Beretta Model 20. These guns were typically small, lightweight, and easy to conceal, making them popular with law enforcement officers and civilians.

In the 1990s, the popularity of micro-compact carry concealed handguns surged with the introduction of the Glock 26 and the Kel-Tec P-11. These guns were explicitly designed for concealed carry and were smaller and lighter than previous models, making them even easier to carry daily.

In recent years, micro-compact carry concealed handguns have continued to evolve, with new designs incorporating materials and technology advances. Today, on the market, from traditional revolver designs to semi-automatic pistols. They remain popular with those looking for a firearm that is easy to carry and conceal but still provides effective self-defense capabilities.

Our Thoughts on the Hellcat

Below are the specifications and our opinions on the Springfield Hellcat 9MM.

Springfield Hellcat 9MM

Hellcat 9MM Specifications

  • MANUFACTURER: Springfield Armory
  • FAMILY: Hellcat Series
  • MODEL: Hellcat
  • TYPE: Semi-Auto Pistol
  • ACTION: Striker Fired
  • FINISH: Black
  • FINISH TYPE: Black
  • FRAME: Polymer Frame
  • STOCK/GRIPS: Black Polymer
  • BARREL: 3″
  • RATE-OF-TWIST: 1-in-10″
  • CAPACITY: 11+1
  • MAG DESCRIPTION: One 11 rd. & One 13 rd. Ext.
  • SIGHTS: Front Tritium Night Sight
  • SIGHT TYPE: Night Sights
  • WEIGHT: 18.3 oz.
  • SHIPPING WEIGHT: 2.15 lbs.
  • ADDL INFO: 1″ Grip Width
  • UPC: 706397929466
  • MSRP: $599


The balance between size and function is crucial when designing a reliable and effective micro-compact pistol in self-defense.

On the one hand, reducing the size of a pistol can make it easier to carry and conceal, which is essential for individuals who want to have a firearm for self-defense daily. On the other hand, a smaller pistol is also typically lighter, making it more comfortable to carry for extended periods.

Hellcat 9mm in hand
My hands are probably slightly larger than average, and the Hellcat fit comfortably.

However, reducing the size of a pistol can also impact its functionality. For example, a smaller gun may have a sharper recoil or fit awkwardly in hand. It may also have a smaller magazine capacity, which can limit the number of rounds available for use in a self-defense situation.

Ultimately, the balance between size and function in a micro-compact pistol will depend on the specific needs and preferences of the individual user. For example, some may prioritize a smaller size for easy concealment, while others may prioritize functionality and effectiveness in self-defense. A well-designed micro-compact pistol will balance these factors to provide a reliable and effective firearm that can be carried comfortably, fired efficiently, and concealed easily.

Barrel and Slide

The Springfield Hellcat 9mm features a 3-inch hammer-forged barrel made from high-grade steel. In addition, the barrel is melonite-treated, which provides an extra layer of protection against corrosion and wear. This treatment also makes the barrel more heat-resistant and increases its longevity.


The slide of the Hellcat is made from machined billet steel and is also melonite-treated for durability. In addition, the slide features a matte black finish that looks sleek, reduces glare, and provides better contrast for the white-dot sights.

Springfield’s Hellcat 9MM features a distinctive pattern of deep, angled serrations that provide a secure grip for manipulating the slide, even with wet or sweaty hands.

Overall, the Hellcat’s barrel and slide are well-designed and highly functional.


The Springfield Hellcat 9mm features a set of innovative grips designed to provide a secure and comfortable grip, even in adverse shooting conditions.

The Hellcat’s grip frame is made from high-strength polymer and is designed to accommodate different hand sizes. In addition, the grip frame has a unique shape and texture optimized for ergonomics, allowing the shooter to maintain a consistent and secure grip on the firearm.

All this was true; the HELLCAT felt great and provided enough surface area for a solid shooting grip. The magazine extension was the game changer; the grip would’ve felt undersized without it.

Another feature of the Hellcat’s grip is its extended baseplate, which provides additional surface area for my hand to grip. The baseplate is designed to match the contour of the grip frame and provides a seamless transition from the grip to the magazine. This feature enhances the firearm and ensures smooth and reliable magazine changes.

The Hellcat’s Adaptive Grip Texture (AGT) is one of its most notable features. This proprietary texture design features a series of hexagonal shapes that provide a non-slip surface. The AGT is strategically placed on the grip frame and ensures a comfortable and secure grip in all shooting conditions, whether wet, dry, or oily.

Overall, the Springfield Hellcat’s grip is a well-designed and highly functional firearm component. The combination of the grip frame’s ergonomics, the AGT texture, and the extended baseplate provide a secure and comfortable grip.


The Springfield Hellcat 9mm features an 11-round reliable and easy-to-use magazine.

One of the unique features of Hellcat’s magazine is its patented design. The magazine’s innovative follower and spring system allows reliable ammunition feeding. The magazine also has a stainless-steel construction, making it durable and corrosion-resistant. In addition, its removable baseplate makes cleaning and maintenance easier. The base plate can be removed using a standard flat-head screwdriver, allowing the shooter to disassemble the magazine for cleaning and lubrication.

Hellcat magazines


The Springfield Hellcat 9mm features several safety mechanisms to ensure the firearm is safe.

  • Striker safety: This safety prevents the striker from engaging the primer of a chambered cartridge unless the trigger is pulled. The striker safety is designed to avoid accidental discharges and ensures that the firearm will not fire unless the shooter intends to do so.
  • Loaded chamber indicator: This provides a visual and tactile indication of a cartridge in the chamber. The loaded chamber indicator is on top of the slide and consists of a small red dot. When a cartridge is chambered, the red dot is visible, and the shooter can feel it when they run their finger over the top of the slide.
  • Trigger safety: prevents the trigger from moving unless it is fully depressed. This safety is designed to avoid accidental discharges caused by a partial trigger pull.

Overall, Springfield Hellcat’s safety mechanisms are well-designed and functional. The combination of the striker safety, loaded chamber indicator, and trigger safety make the Hellcat a safe and reliable firearm to handle and operate.


The Hellcat features Springfield Armory’s patented U-Dot sight system. This system has a high-visibility front sight with a tritium insert for low-light conditions and a U-shaped notch in the rear sight.

The front sight of the Hellcat is also highly visible and easy to acquire. It is made from durable steel construction and has a green-dot night sight. In addition, the tritium insert in the front sight provides excellent low-light visibility, making it easy to see in dark conditions.

Overall, the Springfield Hellcat’s sights are well-designed and highly functional, providing fast and accurate target acquisition in various lighting conditions. The U-Dot system and the tritium front sight make excellent sights.


The Hellcat’s trigger is striker-fired, meaning the striker is cocked and ready to fire when the slide is cycled. The trigger system also features a safety lever, which must be depressed fully before the trigger can be pulled. This safety mechanism helps prevent accidental discharges and ensures.

The trigger felt consistent, with little travel, a crisp break, and a quick reset. The trigger pull weight came in consistently under 7 pounds but felt lighter on the pull. This weight trigger is heavier than I like, but as good as it felt, I would consider shooting it for a while before deciding to swap the trigger.

Overall, Springfield Hellcat’s trigger system felt well-built and highly functional with comfortable, consistent pull.

The Wrap-up

Online users and reviewers have generally said positive things about the Springfield Hellcat 9mm. Many praise the firearm’s compact size, reliability, and accuracy, making it a popular choice for concealed carry and self-defense, and now I find myself among them.

Springfield Armory HELLCAT 9mm Pistol

The Hellcat’s small size and lightweight frame make it an excellent carry and conceal and everyday carry choice. Additionally, with the Hellcat’s sights easy target acquisition and its above-average magazine capacity for its size, it should be a consideration for anyone shopping for a micro subcompact. The trigger system is smooth and easy to use, with a short reset allowing quick follow-up shots.

Things to factor into your decision,

  • Recoil: can be a bit snappy, for shooters sensitive to recoil
  • Grip size: I recommend trying it in hand for users with large hands before making the purchase. The Kimber Micro 9 might be a consideration for those with large hands.
Kimber Micro 9 side by side with Hellcat

Overall, the Springfield Hellcat 9mm.’s small size, high capacity magazine, accuracy, and reliability make it an excellent choice for concealed carry and self-defense applications.


What is the magazine capacity of the Springfield Hellcat 9mm?

The Springfield Hellcat 9mm features a standard magazine capacity of 11 rounds, with an extended magazine option that holds up to 13 rounds.

Is the Springfield Hellcat 9mm reliable?

Yes, the Springfield Hellcat 9mm is known for its reliability and consistency. It has been extensively tested and has proven to be a dependable and accurate firearm.

Is the Hellcat easy to conceal?

The Hellcat measures just 4 inches in height, 6 inches in length, and 1 inch in width, making it one of the smallest 9mm handguns on the market. Additionally, the Hellcat weighs just 18.3 ounces, which is very lightweight for a firearm of its size. The Hellcat’s compact size and lightweight design make it easy to conceal in various carry positions.

What is the price range of the Hellcat?

Generally, the standard Hellcat model can be found for around $500 to $600.

What is the recoil like on the Hellcat?

The recoil on the Springfield Hellcat 9mm can vary depending on a few factors, including the shooter’s experience level, grip, and ammunition choice. Generally, the recoil on the Hellcat is described as moderate to mild, with a manageable muzzle flip. The Hellcat’s weight, size, and design help to mitigate the recoil, making it a comfortable firearm to shoot for most shooters.
Additionally, the Hellcat’s Adaptive Grip Texture and high beavertail help to provide a secure and comfortable grip, which can further improve recoil control. Overall, the recoil on the Hellcat is considered to be very manageable, making it a popular choice for both novice and experienced shooters alike.


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