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Tisas 1911 Carry B45 4.25″ Barrel 8+1 45 ACP

The Tisas 1911 Carry B45 Review is one I have been eagerly waiting for. Of course, the coverage online varies a bit, but everyone I know that owns one, couldn’t be happier. In this post, I’ll be unboxing and taking a close look, breaking down my pros and cons so that you can make an informed decision on this competitively priced 1911 style .45 ACP.

About the 1911 Pistol

I feel I would be doing a disservice if I didn’t give at least a bit of history behind 1911, although the history of the 1911 pistol is covered in great detail around the web if you would like a deep dive.

The 1911 pistol is a semi-automatic pistol designed by John Browning and first manufactured by Colt in the late 19th century. The pistol was designed to meet the needs of the US military, which was seeking a new sidearm to replace its aging revolver.

The 1911 pistol quickly gained a reputation for reliability and durability, and the US military adopted it in 1911. It saw widespread use in both World War I and World War II and continued to be the standard-issue sidearm of the US military until the Beretta M9 replaced it in 1985.

The 1911 pistol is popular with civilian shooters and law enforcement agencies worldwide. It has undergone many modifications and improvements over the years, and numerous manufacturers produce versions of the 1911 pistol today. Despite its age, the 1911 pistol remains a popular and highly respected firearm, known for its accuracy, reliability, and iconic design.

About Tisas

Tisas 1911 Carry B45

Tisas is a Turkish firearm manufacturer that has been producing firearms since 1993. The company specializes in producing pistols, including 1911-style pistols and CZ-75 clones. They are known for producing quality guns at affordable prices.

Their pistols are made with modern CNC machining technology and high-quality stainless steel and aluminum materials. They offer a variety of models with different features and finishes, including classic military-style designs and more modern tactical models.

Tisa’s firearms are exported to many countries worldwide and have a reputation for reliability and performance. In addition to producing guns under its brand name, Tisas also makes firearms for other companies and has developed a reputation for quality and precision in the firearm industry.

1911 Carry B45 Unbox

Upon arrival, you’ll see the Tisas 1911 Carry B45 hard plastic case, a quality case with Tisa’s brand front and center. In the case are two 8-round magazines, a manual, a cleaning brush, and a barrel cleaning rod.

The gun jumped right out at me; it has a jet black finish, stylish black grips, and a pronounced beavertail. Overall, the Tisas 1911 Carry B45 Unbox makes a solid first impression. It seems to match the gun’s reputation of not having a lot of frills but a quality, well-put-together product!

Under the 1911 Carry B45’s Hood

For this Tisas 1911 Carry B45 review let’s first look at the specifications of this 1911 pistol

1911 Carry B45 Specifications

  • FAMILY: 1911 Style Pistol Series
  • MODEL: 1911 CARRY
  • TYPE: Semi-Auto Pistol
  • ACTION: Single Action
  • FINISH: Black Cerakote
  • FINISH TYPE: Applied Finish
  • FRAME: Steel Frame
  • STOCK/GRIPS: Black Synthetic
  • GRIP TYPE: Synthetic
  • BARREL: 4.25″
  • CAPACITY: 8 + 1
  • SIGHTS: Novak Style Sights
  • SIGHT TYPE: Fixed Sights
  • WEIGHT: 2.13 lbs.
  • SHIPPING WEIGHT: 3.9 lbs.
  • SAFETY FEATURES: Ambi Thumb Safety
  • CASE: Lockable Hard Case
  • ADDL INFO: Series 70 Internals
  • MFG MODEL NO: 1911 CARRY B45
  • UPC: 713135218478
  • MSRP: $549


The Tisas 1911 Carry B45 barrel is made from high-quality steel and has a length of 3.9 inches. It is a rotary hammer forged hard chrome plated barrel. The barrel’s rifling is precision-cut to ensure consistent accuracy and performance while being easy to disassemble and clean, making maintenance and upkeep of the firearm simple.


Back in Black! The gun’s finish is a deep rich black, with the only exceptions being the trigger and barrel.

The Tisas 1911 Carry B45 pistol features a durable and attractive finish designed to protect against wear and corrosion. In addition, the firearm has a black Cerakote coating that covers the entire surface of the gun, giving it a sleek, uniform appearance.

Tisas 1911 Carry B45 close up
Tisas 1911 Carry B45 right profile.

The black oxide finish is created by oxidizing the surface of the steel with a chemical solution, which creates a black protective layer. This process makes the finish very durable and resistant to scratches, rust, and other forms of wear and tear. The finish is also effortless to clean and maintain, making it ideal for firearms exposed to harsh environments or heavy use.


The Tisas 1911 Carry B45 pistol frame is well-designed and has a hammer-forged frame and slide. The frame is made from high-quality steel and features a black oxide finish that protects against wear and corrosion. In addition, the finish is smooth and uniform, giving the gun a sleek appearance.

The frame of the Tisas 1911 Carry B45 pistol is compact and lightweight, making it an ideal choice for concealed carry or personal defense. The frame has an overall length of 7.2 inches and a weight of 1.8 pounds. In addition, the gun features a beavertail safety, which helps to control recoil and improve accuracy.

Overall, the Tisas 1911 Carry B45 pistol frame is comfortable, lightweight, and compact enough for easy concealed carry.


The black synthetic composite grip is lightweight, durable, and resistant to impact and corrosion, making it ideal for use in a carry pistol. The black color of the grips also gives the gun a sleek and stealthy appearance.

The design of the Tisas 1911 Carry B45 Black Synthetic grips features a checkered pattern with no slip serrations on the front and back straps. In addition, the checkering ensures a non-slip surface even when the shooter’s hands are wet or sweaty.

Fits great in the hand
Grips fit comfortably in the hand.

Additionally, the Tisas 1911 Carry B45 Black Synthetic grips fit comfortably in the hand, with a slightly curved profile that conforms to the natural shape of the hand. This feature helps reduce fatigue, improving accuracy and allowing for a consistent grip and aim over extended shooting sessions.



The Tisas 1911 Carry B45 pistol magazine holds eight rounds of .45 ACP ammunition; it fits smoothly into the gun’s beveled magazine well. Made with high-quality steel and features a black oxide finish that protects against wear and corrosion. In addition, the magazine is easy to disassemble for cleaning and maintenance to provide reliable feeding of ammunition.

It has a removable base plate, which allows the user to easily remove the magazine spring and follower for cleaning or maintenance. The magazine also has a witness hole, allowing the user to check the remaining rounds quickly.


There 3 safety features on the Tisas 1911 Carry B45.

  • Manual thumb safety– This safety is located on the left side of the frame and can be engaged or disengaged with the shooter’s thumb. When engaged, the safety prevents the trigger from being pulled and the hammer from being released, helping to prevent accidental discharges. When disengaged, the pistol can be fired.
  • Grip Safety– This safety is located on the backstrap of the grip and must be fully depressed by the shooter’s hand in order for the trigger to be pulled and the hammer to be released. The grip safety helps to ensure that the pistol can only be fired when held properly and securely, reducing the risk of accidental discharges.
  • Firing pin safety– This safety prevents the firing pin from striking the primer of a cartridge unless the trigger is fully pulled, ensuring that the pistol will not fire unless the shooter intends to fire it.


Novak-style three-dot sights. Adjustable rear sight and a fixed front sight provide a good picture.

Keeping it real, with so many great sight options available (HiViz, LPA TPU, TFX Tritium and Fiber, Meprolight Tru-Dot, Trijicon 3-Dot), this area I am considering upgrading.


The Tisas 1911 Carry B45 pistol slide is made of steel with serrated rear and front slide serrations. It features a black finish oxide that protects against wear and corrosion.

The Tisas 1911 Carry B45 pistol slide also features several other well-crafted components, including a lowered and flared ejection port, which helps to reduce the chance of jamming or malfunctioning. The gun also features a skeletonized hammer, which reduces weight and helps to improve accuracy and reliability.


Overall, the Tisas 1911 Carry B45 pistol slide is easy to manipulate and provides a smooth and precise action.


The trigger is smooth and easy to pull, with a clean break and minimal overtravel.

It is made from high-quality steel and features a durable finish that provides protection against wear and corrosion. The trigger is also adjustable, which allows the shooter to fine-tune the trigger pull for improved accuracy. The skeletonized hammer and trigger design help to reduce weight and improve the shooter’s control of the firearm.

The Carry B45 is a single-action trigger, so it must be manually cocked before firing the first round.

trigger pull weight

The trigger pull weight on the Tisas 1911 varies depending on the specific model and the shooter’s preference. However, most Tisas 1911 Carry B45 pistols have a trigger pull weight in the range of 4-5 pounds. On our tests, the trigger came in just over 4 pounds consistently. This weight is great for a defensive handgun, as it is light enough to allow for accurate and quick shooting but heavy enough to help prevent accidental discharges.

In addition to its pull weight, the trigger on the Tisas 1911 Carry B45 also features an adjustable overtravel stop. This allows the shooter to fine-tune the trigger’s travel distance, which can help to improve accuracy and consistency.

With its single-action design, adjustable overtravel stop, and great pull weight, the trigger on the Tisas 1911 Carry B45 is an impressive feature of this 1911.

Aftermarket Parts Compatibility

There is a thriving aftermarket for parts and accessories to enhance and customize the Tisas 1911 Carry B45 pistol.

Some of the most popular aftermarket parts for the Tisas 1911 Carry B45 pistol include upgraded grips, extended slide stops, ambidextrous safety levers, and enhanced triggers. These parts can improve the shooter’s grip and firearm control, reduce recoil and improve accuracy.


  • VZ Grips – VZ Grips are high-quality, durable, and have excellent ergonomics. They offer a wide range of designs and textures, including G10, Micarta, and carbon fiber.
  • Hogue Grips – Hogue is a well-known name in the grip industry and offers a range of grip options for the Tisas 1911 Carry B45. Their grips are made from G10 and aluminum and provide a comfortable and secure grip.
  • Wilson Combat Grips – Wilson Combat is a trusted name in the firearms industry and offers a range of grip options for the Tisas 1911 Carry B45. Their grips are known for their excellent fit and finish and are available in a range of materials, including G10, Micarta, and exotic woods like cocobolo and ebony.


  • Cylinder & Slide- Maker of custom 1911 Drop-in trigger sets.

Overall, the aftermarket parts available for the Tisas 1911 Carry B45 pistol allow shooters to customize their firearms to fit their specific needs and preferences. Whether for personal defense, target shooting, or competition, these parts can help to enhance the performance and reliability of this already impressive firearm.

Tisas 1911 B45 45 ACP Feature

The Tisas 1911 Carry B45 Review Wrap

We’ll be updating this blog post when we get the Tisas 1911 Carry B45 to the shooting range but for now this 1911 scored high marks. We will also be adding to the accessory list as we test them out but would love to hear from you on your favorites! Please reply with comments or pics of your Tisas 1911 Carry B45.

Tisas 1911 Carry B45 FAQs

What is the weight of the Tisas 1911 Carry B45?

The Tisas 1911 Carry B45 weighs approximately 33 ounces.

Does Tisas make a striker-fired pistol?

Yes, Tisas does make a striker-fired pistol. It’s the Tisas Zigana PX-9 and it is chambered in 9mm. It has a polymer frame, a striker-fired action, and is available in various configurations including a full-size, compact, and optics-ready version.

Can I dry fire the Tisas 1911 Carry B45 FAQs

Yes, you can dry fire the Tisas 1911 Carry B45. Dry firing, which means pulling the trigger with an unloaded gun, is generally safe for centerfire handguns like the Tisas 1911 Carry B45. However, it is important to ensure that the gun is unloaded and pointed in a safe direction before dry firing. Dry firing can help improve your trigger control and accuracy, but it is important to avoid doing it excessively as it can cause wear and tear on the firing pin and other internal components over time.


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